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Rural Fire Brigades celebrate milestone anniversaries in New South Wales

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Burra and Loftus Brigades Honour 50 and 70 Years of Service

Members of the Burra Rural Fire Brigade are celebrating a significant milestone, marking 50 years of dedication to their community.

The event, attended by Hon. Steve Whan MP and Superintendent Paul Jones AFSM, honours both current and former brigade members for their continuous commitment.

Whan highlighted the brigade’s history, saying: “The Burra Brigade has a proud history of community and spirit across 50 years of operations.”

Superintendent Jones commended the brigade’s active role in handling diverse incidents, including the significant 2019/20 fire season.

Loftus Brigade Reflects on 70 Years of Community Contribution

In a similar spirit, the Loftus Rural Fire Brigade is celebrating 70 years of service.

Maryanne Stuart MP and RFS Assistant Commissioner Kelly Quandt AFSM will join the brigade’s anniversary event.

Stuart emphasised the brigade’s evolution, stating: “The Loftus Brigade has a proud history of community and spirit across 70 years of operations.”

Assistant Commissioner Quandt praised the brigade’s adaptability and dedication, highlighting their significant contributions in various emergencies, including the challenging 2019/20 fire season and the 2021/22 floods.

Recognition of Volunteers and Community Support

Both brigades have received accolades for their unwavering dedication to community safety.

The events underscore the importance of volunteer efforts and the support of families, friends, employers, and colleagues.

The celebrations are a testament to the brigades’ integral role in their communities over the decades.

IFSJ Comment

The anniversaries of the Burra and Loftus Rural Fire Brigades exemplify the enduring spirit of community service and volunteerism.

These milestones reflect the dedication and resilience of the brigades in protecting their communities from various emergencies.

The recognition of these milestones serves as a reminder of the invaluable contributions of volunteer firefighters and the critical support of their communities.

These celebrations honour the past while looking forward to continued service and commitment in the future.

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