SA Fire Protection launch the ‘Robot-TINO’ for firefighters

SA Fire Protection

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SA Fire Protection, Italian manufacturer of fixed firefighting systems and equipment, have recently developed a highly customisable emergency response unit named the “Robot-TINO” for firefighters. The Robot-TINO allows fire fighters to get closer than ever to the fire while remaining at a safe distance.

The Robot-TINO was specifically designed for fighting fires in industrial process areas, tunnels and storage terminals, but it can also be used for terrorist incidents, urban areas, and whenever firefighters need to deal with hazardous substances or extreme temperatures. The unit is protected against heat radiation with a cooling system which allows the Robot-TINO to get closer to the fire origin to suppress it with higher probability of success. In this regard, the fire brigades are better equipped to deal with fires while keeping the risks to firefighters at a minimum.

In terms of manoeuvrability, the Robot-TINO gives the user complete flexibility to adjust direction (left/ right; forward/ backward) and height (up/ down movements & tilt). In addition to the high-visibility LED headlights and blinkers the Robot-TINO comes with, the unit can be fitted with cameras or sensors which can be used as a means of gathering intel when assessing the risks in inaccessible or dangerous areas, as well as assisting in search and rescue operations.

Due to its robust and durable design, the Robot-TINO can enable emergency responders to perform their duties better and more safely. Furthermore, this remote-controlled solution including the firefighting monitor can be installed with other accessories to allow complete operation from a remote location. Depending on what is required, it is possible to fit the Robot-TINO with a wide variety of accessories to suit the needs of the fire brigade such as monitors, dry chemicals, foam, gas detectors or Infrared camera systems. All options available can be tailored and adapted to the specific application and requirements of the Emergency Response Team.

With robotics already playing a key role in firefighting, it is the duty of manufacturers like SA Fire Protection to ensure that there are reliable solutions available to meet the needs of modern firefighters while keeping them as safe as possible.

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