Securing the school route with Reacton Fire Suppression

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How Reacton Fire Suppression is protecting UAE school buses for Emirates Transport

Reacton® Fire Suppression and partners Tabra Trading recently won one of the world’s largest retrofit bus fire protection projects in history.

 Winning the Emirates Transport tender to fit over 2,300 school buses was monumental not only for Reacton, but for the future of Bus fire protection in the Middle East.

Having now successfully fitted over 2000 Reacton Fire Suppression systems, we are both at the forefront when it comes to safer transportation for Children in the UAE, making us an industry leader in safeguarding school buses and taxis with our cutting-edge fire suppression systems.

The importance of this work was recognised at the Intersec 2024 Awards, where Reacton won the prestigious Fire Safety Excellence Project for protecting UAE school buses for Emirates Transport.

The deal came from the collaboration with Tabra and Emirates Transport, who recognised the increase in vehicle fires and the requirement to mitigate this risk.

Various avenues and options for protection were explored but the Reacton system, with its internationally recognised approvals, proved to be best suited to meet the demands of Emirates Transport.

Not only was the system fully compliant with low maintenance costs, but Reacton’s manufacturing responsiveness, quick lead times, field support and excellent customer service, set them aside from the competition.

The battle against bus fires

Reacton’s focus is on enhancing the safety of public transportation through advanced fire suppression technologies.

With a considerable percentage of bus fires starting in the engine compartment, often while passengers are present, the necessity for an effective response is clear.

Our automatic fire suppression systems are designed to detect and extinguish fires rapidly, reducing the risk of injury and damage to property.

Our systems leverage dry powder as the suppressant agent, chosen for its rapid knockdown capabilities and effectiveness against a broad range of fire types.

This choice ensures that even the most concealed fires, which might be missed by other agents, are swiftly addressed.

The engineering behind our solutions prioritises compact design and high performance, enabling quick fire detection and suppression.

The integration of our fire suppression systems into buses represents a proactive step towards mitigating the inherent risks of vehicle fires.

These systems undergo rigorous testing, including fire, vibration, corrosion, and temperature cycling tests, to ensure they meet the highest safety standards.

This thorough evaluation process guarantees the reliability and effectiveness of our systems in real-world scenarios.

Our commitment extends beyond the provision of fire suppression systems.

We aim to educate and support vehicle operators and manufacturers on the importance of fire safety, advocating for a world where fire protection measures are both accessible and standardised across the transportation industry.

Our systems are designed to be easy to install and require minimal maintenance, making them a cost-effective solution for bus and coach operators.

Reacton is dedicated to advancing fire safety in public transportation through innovative solutions.

Our automatic fire suppression systems offer a robust response to the challenge of bus fires, ensuring the safety of passengers and the integrity of vehicles.

As we continue to evolve and improve our technologies, our goal remains to provide industry-leading fire suppression solutions that set new standards for safety and reliability in the transportation sector.

UAE.S 5041: 2021

Fires in buses are often created through poor maintenance, electrical problems, fuel systems or engine problems, so when a fire does occur, often in a confined space, surrounded by combustible materials, the outcome can be disastrous.

A common issue is insufficient time for passengers to exit the bus, so gaining valuable time is a top priority followed by protection of the asset.

Emirates Authority for Standardisation and Metrology (ESMA) and Ministry of Industry and Advanced Technology (MOIAT) have considered and evaluated these real world events in creating UAE.S 5041, combining proven fire tests for buses & coaches, component testing, and detection, to bring them together under one comprehensive approval.

Emirates Safety Laboratory (ESL) are perfectly set up and accredited to test this fantastic new standard.

The new standard evaluates fire suppression requirements for engine compartments of buses and coaches with the various tests requiring completion to achieve the high standard created, all of which Reacton passed.

Importance of approvals

It is extremely important for Reacton to have its innovation, performance, and exceptional quality verified by third-party approval & certification, meeting or exceeding international standards, and performing at the highest level in a controlled environment.

Our global certifications include:

  • UAE.S.
  • 5041:2021 (first in the world to achieve ESL conformity)
  • SASO 2946: 2020 (first in the world to achieve ESL conformity)
  • UL 2166 Direct (DLP) – the world’s first company to achieve listing to UL 2166
  • AS 5062:2016
  • P-MARK SPCR 183 (Reacton achieved the highest score possible)
  • P-MARK SPCR 199
  • UNECE Regulation 107
  • ISO 9001:2015 – CE Mark
  • LPCB LPS 1666

Real life events

A Reacton fire suppression system recently saved a school bus in Abu Dhabi from the devastating consequences of fire.

Although in the maintenance area, the turbo outlet pipe clamp came apart and ignited oil residue on the engine, which caused the fire.

Within seconds the Reacton system detected, activated, and suppressed the fire, preventing it from spreading to the whole vehicle and destroying it.

Our high-performance fire suppression system helps to mitigate the risk of vehicle fires and save lives.

Installation and training  

We pride ourselves on the ease of use and quick installation of our systems, providing in-depth training to ensure our distributors have a comprehensive understanding of our systems.

Our training includes various aspects such as:

  • Full risk assessment
  • Design and configuration of the system according to the risk assessment
  • Installation and compliance with the system parameters
  • Commissioning and maintenance

Training is critical in ensuring the engineers understand the functionality of our systems and ensure that the system performs at the highest possible standard to effectively protect the bus.

Protecting your future, today

Reacton’s dedication to innovation and research and development ensures that school buses equipped with their fire suppression systems offer the highest level of protection giving parents, school authorities, and communities peace of mind.

Reacton are proud to play a crucial role in providing our automatic fire suppression systems to school buses across the Emirates, addressing a huge issue and setting a precedent for the Middle East and fire protection.

For more information please contact us by calling +971 483 572 23, via email at [email protected], or visit our website

This article was originally published in the May 2024 issue of International Fire & Safety Journal. To read your FREE digital copy, click here.

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