Serco Middle East partners with Qual-eFire to enhance regional fire-fighting capabilities

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Serco Middle East introduces new training platform in partnership with Qual-eFire

Serco Middle East, an international public services company, has announced a significant partnership with Qual-eFire™, renowned providers of aircraft rescue and fire-fighting (ARFF) training.

This collaboration introduces Qual-eFire’s cloud-based training and assessment platform to the Middle East, under a multi-year agreement.

Training programme aligns with local and international regulations

The Qual-eFire training and assessment framework, to be initially launched in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA), is tailored specifically for the region.

It aligns with the regulatory requirements of the UAE’s General Civil Aviation Authority (GCAA) and KSA’s General Authority of Civil Aviation (GACA), along with international organisations like the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO), and Civil Aviation Authority (CAA).

Global expertise to enhance local fire-fighting services

Serco Middle East, employing over 200 firefighters and support staff in the region, in partnership with Qual-eFire, aims to provide access to international resources and best practices from countries like the US, UK, and Australia, where Qual-eFire is based.

The new training programme, authored by leading ARFF experts, will soon be implemented across Serco’s Fire and Rescue services operations, including Red Sea International Airport in KSA and MELABS in the UAE.

Teren Tan, Head of Emergency Services in Serco’s Middle East Division, stated: “Our partnership with Qual-eFire is a transformative moment for FRS here in the region, where Serco has provided services to airports for many years.

“We constantly seek to introduce the best global tools and standards, adapted for local requirements.

“The capabilities and thoroughness of the Qual-eFire training programme mean we can offer the best possible training to our firefighters here in the region, using the latest technologies, which in turn supports government visions for high levels of both customer and employee service and safety.”

Tim Dean, CEO of Qual-eFire, remarked: “Our partnership with Serco will elevate standards of fire safety and emergency response across the region.

“This partnership harnesses the strengths of Serco’s regional and global expertise, Qual-eFire’s established training and assessment framework, and global best practices to ensure that firefighters and FRS support staff in the Middle East have access to the most advanced and effective training available.

“Together, we are setting a new benchmark for safety and preparedness in the aviation sector.”

Contributing to national visions of UAE and KSA

The partnership is in line with the national visions of the UAE and KSA Governments, aiming to provide world-class services and enhance safety levels at regional airports.

IFSJ Comment

The partnership between Serco Middle East and Qual-eFire marks a notable advancement in fire and rescue services (FRS) in the Middle East.

By integrating Qual-eFire’s innovative training framework, Serco not only enhances the capabilities of its workforce but also aligns with the broader safety and service goals of the UAE and KSA governments.

The adoption of international best practices and advanced technologies in training promises to elevate the standards of emergency response and safety in aviation, a critical sector for the region.

This initiative reflects a growing trend towards the internationalisation of safety standards and the importance of continuous improvement in critical service areas like fire safety and emergency response.

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