Sharjah Civil Defence initiates safety campaign in industrial areas


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Campaign launch for industrial safety compliance in Sharjah

Sharjah Civil Defence has initiated a focused campaign to ensure adherence to safety protocols in industrial facilities.

This campaign, a proactive effort to enhance safety in the industrial sector, commenced its first phase from February 1 to February 8.

Inspectors conducted thorough visits across all facilities located in industrial area 10.

During these inspections, they identified various safety violations and issued warnings to 180 establishments.

These entities were granted a 72-hour period to address and rectify the identified violations.

The violations noted by the inspectors ranged from improper storage practices and the construction of unlicensed housing to a general lack of safety standards.

Additionally, concerns were raised regarding the use of combustible chemicals and gases within these facilities.

Following this initial phase, the campaign is set to continue its efforts in industrial area 6.

Statements from Sharjah Civil Defence Authority

Brigadier Sami Khamis Al Naqbi, the Director-General of Sharjah Civil Defence Authority, elaborated on the campaign’s objectives: “We are committed to enhancing industrial safety and ensuring that all facilities comply with the established safety standards.

‚ÄúThose establishments that have received warnings are required to visit civil defence service centres after rectifying the violations.”

This directive highlights the authority’s dedication to not only identifying issues but also ensuring they are adequately resolved.

Inspectors will conduct follow-up visits to these locations to verify that the necessary corrective actions have been taken.

Non-compliant companies risk facing legal consequences.

This stringent approach underlines Sharjah Civil Defence’s dedication to maintaining high safety standards across the industrial sector.

Recruitment and expansion plans

In tandem with this safety campaign, Sharjah Civil Defence is also undertaking significant recruitment and expansion initiatives.

Currently, they are in the process of recruiting 297 citizens for various roles, including firefighting and administrative positions.

From a pool of 350 applicants, these candidates will be chosen after comprehensive interviews and tests.

Additionally, 60 firefighters have recently completed their training in Abu Dhabi and joined Sharjah civil defence centres.

The upcoming months will witness the operational launch of two new fire stations, Al Nouf and Maliha, in the first half of 2024, while Al Siyouh fire station is scheduled to be operational by the following year.

The fleet enhancement will include the addition of new hazardous materials transport vehicles, eight first responder vehicles, and an array of new rescue devices and equipment.

Sharjah Civil Defence has also solidified its resource base by signing 13 contracts with nine suppliers.

These agreements, spanning three years, will facilitate the supply of 50 fire and rescue machinery, equipment, and marine parts.

IFSJ Comment

The Sharjah Civil Defence’s comprehensive campaign and expansion strategies reflect a robust commitment to public safety in industrial areas.

By conducting thorough inspections and enforcing stringent compliance measures, the authority demonstrates an unwavering resolve to prevent accidents and enhance overall safety standards.

Moreover, the recruitment of new personnel and the expansion of facilities and equipment underscore a forward-thinking approach to safeguarding the community.

These efforts are vital in creating a safer industrial environment and illustrate Sharjah Civil Defence’s role as a proactive and responsible entity in managing fire and safety risks.

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