Spartan Fire and Emergency Apparatus marks 50th anniversary and reveals plans for growth

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Spartan Fire and Emergency Apparatus, the esteemed fire and emergency service brand, is set to usher in its next phase with expansion plans.

This decision follows the commemoration of a 50-year-long association with Pierce Manufacturing.

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Half a century of service: A journey through time with Spartan Fire

During the 2023 South Carolina Fire Conference, Spartan Fire made a notable effort to revisit its heritage.

They curated a collection of customer photographs that spanned from the 1970s to today.

Robby Fore, president of Spartan Fire and Emergency Apparatus, expressed: ‚ÄúThis effort symbolises the depth of our commitment over the past half-century.”

Additionally, Pierce Manufacturing presented a pencil sketch portraying three epochs of Spartan Fire’s proprietorship.

Spartan Fire: A testament to growth and dedication

A heartwarming revelation was made when Spartan Fire showcased vehicles from its early days at the South Carolina Fire Conference.

The display included trucks from the company’s inception and a 1991 model which was the first truck sold by Fore.

Fore said: “I was deeply touched by the team’s surprise tribute.”

From starting with merely three employees in 1991, Spartan Fire now boasts a team of 40 professionals covering South Carolina.

The company’s expansion is not just limited to Pierce apparatus sales, but also includes products from brands such as DBC and Holmatro in both Carolinas.

Spartan Fire’s future: Expansion and evolution

Future plans for Spartan Fire include the establishment of a third service facility in 2023 and a new headquarters set to commence in 2024.

Mary Elise Fore Greenway, General Manager, remarked: “The success and growth of Spartan Fire stem from our incredible team.”

Their vision aligns with gradual growth, targeting customers’ needs with enhanced offerings.

Over the years, the company has been recognised multiple times for their exceptional service. R.E. Fore, Sales Administrator at Spartan Fire, summed it up: “Our customers often cite our service after the sale as the reason they continue to trust our business.”

As the year progresses, the team anticipates further festivities marking their 50-year landmark.

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IFSJ Comment

The journey of Spartan Fire and Emergency Apparatus over the last 50 years underscores the ever-evolving nature of the fire and emergency industry.

Celebrating such a significant milestone not only emphasises the brand’s commitment to service but also highlights its adaptability in an ever-changing sector.

Their dedication to offering top-tier post-sale services, alongside their consistent growth strategy, showcases a model for other businesses in the industry to emulate.

Moreover, the longstanding partnership with Pierce Manufacturing reinforces the trust and mutual respect between both entities.

As we follow Spartan Fire’s journey, it becomes evident that its focus on customer-centricity has been a driving force in its success story.

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