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Summit Corporation obtains NFPA certification for its fire hood and gloves

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Korean company achieves major milestone in fire safety gear production

Summit Corporation, a South Korean firefighting gear producer, has recently secured the US NFPA certification for its structural firefighting gloves and hoods.

This makes it the first Korean company to produce NFPA-certified fire hoods.

Furthermore, it remains the sole domestic firm to hold this distinction for its firefighting gloves.

A closer look at NFPA and its significance in fire safety

The NFPA, or National Fire Protection Association, is a renowned international non-profit organisation, founded in 1986.

Its primary aim is to mitigate human casualties, property destruction, and economic setbacks stemming from fires and electrical hazards.

To achieve this, the NFPA is actively involved in crafting fire prevention standards and endorsing guidelines connected to fire apparatus and safety evaluations for vulnerable demographics.

The products from Summit Corporation that have earned the certification are their ‘QU-27PBI’ model structural firefighting gloves and the ‘HD-21P’ and ‘HD-11P’ structural firefighting hoods.

Of special note is the ‘HD-11P’. It stands out due to its superior fit and coverage, achieved by its ergonomic design, ensuring effective protection of the wearer’s head, neck, and face.

From sports safety to fire hoods

Established in 1999, Summit Corporation has been at the forefront of crafting personal protection gear like gloves and hoods for firefighters.

The firm’s progression is rooted in its knowledge in glove fabrication.

By broadening its horizon from sports glove production and channelling its efforts into R&D for specialised firefighting gloves,

Summit was in a position to patent its waterproof glove manufacturing process.

In 2016, it earned the KFI certification for its firefighting gloves, followed by the hood certification in 2017.

Summit Corporation’s in-house brand, SALVARE, has risen to prominence, earning the title of the industry’s premier firefighting glove and hood brand.

With the recent NFPA certification, Summit solidifies its status as the only Korean company to have this recognition for these specific products.

IFSJ Comment

The recent achievement of Summit Corporation in obtaining the NFPA certification underscores a significant development in the realm of fire safety equipment for South Korea.

The NFPA stamp of approval isa testament to the quality and reliability of the products and also signifies a significant advancement for the South Korean firefighting gear industry on a global stage.

Such certifications can pave the way for other domestic companies to push their boundaries and aim for international standards, fostering global collaborations and elevating the quality of fire safety gear universally.

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