Survitec enhances fire safety for alternative fuel-powered ships

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Survitec responds to the demand for advanced fire safety

In a significant development for maritime safety, Survitec, a leading provider of Survival Technology solutions, has announced enhancements to its Dry Chemical Powder (DCP) fire extinguishing system.

The upgrades, designed to offer improved protection for vessels operating on LNG and LPG fuels, have received type approval certification, marking a significant milestone in the maritime industry’s transition to cleaner fuels.

The reconfigured DCP system is already being specified for both newbuild and existing vessels, demonstrating immediate industry recognition.

Survitec’s first order for the upgraded system will be installed on a 16,000 TEU container ship currently under construction at a newbuild yard in South Korea.

Rafal Kolodziejski, Head of Product Support & Development – Fire Systems at Survitec, commented on the importance of this innovation: “This first order represents a crucial step forward in ensuring the safety of ships running on LNG or LPG.

The Survitec DCP system offers comprehensive bunkering station protection, cost-efficiency, and versatility for a variety of vessel types, whether newbuild or retrofit.”

Technological advancements in fire safety

Survitec’s newly enhanced DCP system includes several key components such as an extinguishant storage container, nitrogen gas cylinder, safety valves, a pressure regulator, piping, and discharge devices, including nozzles.

A notable advancement is the ability to combine longer lengths of discharge piping with smaller volumes of powder, optimising fire protection for bunkering stations and fuel-switching operations across a broader range of vessels.

The system’s design allows for increased pipe runs, up to 69m, with the potential for further extension on a case-by-case basis.

This flexibility is a significant improvement over traditional systems, enabling more efficient and adaptable fire safety solutions.

Piotr Bulas, Product Manager for DCP solutions at Survitec, elaborated on the system’s unique features: “Our solution is designed to support potassium bicarbonate or sulphate salts as the dry power medium, offering multiple advantages, including smaller, lighter, and more easily accommodated hardware, as well as lower overall cost of consumables.”

A cost-effective and efficient solution for maritime safety

Survitec’s nitrogen-propelled DCP solution is designed to meet the stringent requirements of both newbuilds and existing ships undergoing dual fuel propulsion solution retrofits.

The system ensures constant deployment at a minimum of 3.5kg/second for 45 seconds using just 175kg of powder, a significant reduction in consumables compared to competing solutions.

Kolodziejski further highlighted the system’s efficiency and cost benefits: “With the DCP system from Survitec, shipowners can often safeguard bunkering stations on both sides of the ship with just one DCP unit without compromising performance. This reduces installation and maintenance costs.”

Survitec’s commitment to innovation extends to maintenance, with the new DCP system designed for easy servicing and testing without disassembling core components.

The system is delivered as a single, compact unit for ‘plug and play’ installation, simplifying the shipbuilding process and ensuring long-term reliability and safety.

IFSJ Comment

The introduction of Survitec’s type-approved dry chemical powder system upgrades represents a timely response to the maritime industry’s shift towards alternative fuels.

By enhancing fire safety measures for vessels powered by LNG and LPG, Survitec is setting a new standard in maritime safety technology.

The system’s cost-efficiency, versatility, and technological advancements offer comprehensive protection for a variety of vessel types, ensuring the safety of maritime operations in an era of cleaner fuels.

This initiative underscores the critical role of innovation in advancing maritime safety and the importance of adopting flexible, efficient solutions to meet the evolving challenges of the industry.

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