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Tasmania opens applications for firefighter roles

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Applications are now open for firefighter roles in the Burnie and Devonport Brigades in Tasmania, which will continue to build on the team of professional and skilled firefighters in the island state’s North-West.

Felix Ellis, Minister for Police, Fire and Emergency Management, said that the Tasmanian Government is committed to supporting our firefighters, who work hard to keep Tasmanians safe.

He said: “The North-West is an incredible place to live, work and raise a family, offering beautiful landscapes, friendly communities and a relaxed lifestyle.

“Working in the Burnie or Devonport Brigades means you will work closely with a great team of firefighters who are trusted by their local communities. Firefighting is an honourable career which contributes immeasurably to community safety and working in Tasmania‚Äôs regions provides broad experience. I encourage everyone interested in joining the Tasmania Fire Service to apply.”

The Tasmania Fire Service is also encouraging applicants from other career fire agencies to join through a lateral entry program from April 2023. Following extensive training to learn the skills of firefighting, these roles will be onboarded into the Tasmania Fire Service in early 2023.

For those interested in a career in firefighting, the new website is available at

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