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Technology exhibition opens in Slovenia showcasing firefighting innovations


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Technology vs fire: Slovenia hosts innovative firefighting exhibition

The exhibition “Technology vs Fire” opened its doors to the public at the Kosovel Culture House in Sežana, Slovenia.

This immersive event, co-organised by the Slovenian Intellectual Property Office (SIPO) and the European Patent Office (EPO), commenced on 14 April 2024 and will continue until 21 April 2024.

This exhibition, free for all attendees, is the second in a Europe-wide series that aims to highlight local firefighting technologies and expertise.

The inaugural exhibition was held in Athens the previous month.

Key statements from the inauguration

During the inauguration, SIPO Director Karin Žvokelj highlighted the critical role of intellectual property in enhancing fire safety: “The exhibition offers a glimpse into the pervasive presence of intellectual property in our daily lives, particularly in critical domains like fire safety.

“We anticipate that it will shed light on the invaluable nature of innovation and underscore the imperative of safeguarding it for the common good.

“Our aspiration is that all attendees will depart with a heightened appreciation for innovation’s role in enhancing safety and environmental welfare.”

Engagement and presentations

The event also featured a presentation on the role of technology in firefighting, delivered by EPO Examiner Gregor Zupancic.

He emphasised the integration of technology and human creativity in combating fire threats: “In the firefighting field where every second counts, we’re seeing dynamic developments in technology coming together at critical points – from prevention and protection, all the way to restoration.

“It’s clear that from the flames of disaster lie the embers of technological and human resilience. This is what this exhibition is all about.”

Local contributions and insights

The opening day concluded with a panel discussion involving local experts who had contributed to the exhibition’s content.

In addition, a showcase highlighted Slovenia’s response to the 2022 wildfires, presented to Mr Zupancic by local firefighting officials in the presence of the Mayor of Sežana, Mr Andrej Sila.

Technology’s role in addressing fire hazards

The exhibition also casts a spotlight on the broader implications of technological advancements in tackling wildfires.

In 2022, Slovenia faced its largest wildfire, burning an area nearly nine times the size of Ljubljana’s city centre.

This event underlines the ongoing threat posed by climate-induced wildfires and the essential role of innovation in combating these disasters.

IFSJ Comment

The exhibition “Technology vs Fire” in Sežana serves as a reminder of the critical intersection between technology, intellectual property, and public safety.

By facilitating this educational event, SIPO and EPO enhances public understanding of fire safety innovations and fosters a culture of proactive engagement in technological development for societal benefit.

This initiative reflects a broader European commitment to utilising intellectual property for enhancing environmental and personal safety amidst increasing fire threats.

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