Teledyne FLIR unveils thermal camera module with continuous zoom

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Teledyne FLIR, a subsidiary of Teledyne Technologies, has announced the launch of the Boson+ thermal camera module featuring a high-performance 14 mm to 75 mm continuous zoom (CZ) lens. The Boson+ CZ 14-75 is the first thermal camera module to integrate a factory-designed, seamless optomechanical system that optimises performance and reliability. It is ideal for use in unmanned aerial vehicles, perimeter surveillance, light armoured vehicle situational awareness and targeting, and soldier sighting systems.

According to Dan Walker, Vice President, Product Management, OEM Cores, Teledyne FLIR, the Boson+ CZ 14-75 is designed to reduce operational risk and costs while improving performance. The module features flexible and advanced lens control electronics, industry-leading 20 milliKelvin (mK) thermal sensitivity, and UK-based integration support. These features streamline development for applications requiring high-performance infrared zoom capability.

The Boson+ CZ 14-75 is factory-aligned at Teledyne FLIR to deliver maximum performance, eliminating boresight wander and other image artefacts while zooming. The module’s advanced lens control electronics provide thermal gradient compensation to maintain focus across the full operational temperature range, while object range compensation maintains focus through zoom, even for near targets. The module’s built-in tests (BIT) provide real-time notification of issues and maximise operational reliability.

Made in the UK, the Boson+ CZ 14-75 features the latest 12-micron pixel pitch 640×512-resolution thermal detector that offers enhanced detection, recognition, and identification (DRI) performance, especially in low-contrast and low-visibility environments. The module is dual-use and classified under the UK Department for International Trade jurisdiction as 9A003.b.4.a.

Teledyne FLIR’s Boson+ CZ 14-75 is an industry-first warranty that is not available when using multiple suppliers. Customers also enjoy access to the UK-based Teledyne FLIR Technical Services team for integration support.

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