Telgian to host a webinar on fire alarm system communication transitions

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Telgian expert to discuss the impact of evolving communication methods on fire alarm systems

Telgian Fire Safety’s Tom Parrish will lead a Fire Alarm System Communication Webinar on November 9, 2023, from 2:00 pm – 3:30 pm ET.

“Rapid technological shifts affecting fire alarm communications”, says Parrish

“Telephone companies continue to rapidly replace copper telephone lines with fiber optic lines as part of the phase out of POTS (Plain Old Telephone Service),” says Parrish.

“Also, 3G cellular service is being phased out to focus on the adoption of more modern methods of communication.

“This is driving a major transformation in how fire alarm systems communicate with the monitoring centers.

“There are advancements in older technology such as Mesh radio networks and there are newer avenues of communication methods like the Internet and cellular that will continue to grow rapidly.”

Telgian’s webinar to highlight best practices in modern fire alarm communication

This course aims to shed light on the transitional challenges faced by fire alarm systems amidst these technological advancements.

It will focus on the communications system requisites as stated in Chapter 26 of NFPA 72, National Fire Alarm Code.

Participants will gain insights into optimal practices for transitioning a fire alarm system from using POTS lines to contemporary modes of communication.

They’ll also be apprised of the advantages and disadvantages associated with Internet and cellular communications.

About Tom Parrish, SET, CFPS, PSP

Tom Parrish boasts an impressive tenure of over 30 years in the domain of fire protection and emergency response.

Having retired as the Fire Marshal for Putnam Township Michigan, he currently holds the position of Vice President at Telgian.

Parrish actively contributes to several NFPA technical committees, including those focusing on signaling systems for the protection of life and property and emergency communication systems.

Presently heading AFAA, he also enjoys the privilege of being a senior instructor for NFPA.

His professional accomplishments encompass certifications such as Level IV NICET Certified Fire Alarm Technician, Level III NICET Inspections and Testing, and Certified Fire Protection Specialist.

Parrish is also a recognised Master Electrician and is board certified as a Physical Security Professional by ASIS. He completed his bachelor’s in Industrial Technology from Kean University.

IFSJ Comment

The evolving landscape of communication technology poses both opportunities and challenges for fire alarm systems globally.

With leading companies like Telgian paving the way in understanding and adapting to these changes, it’s crucial for industry professionals to stay informed.

Tom Parrish’s expertise provides invaluable insights into this transition, equipping stakeholders with the knowledge they need to navigate these shifts.

As we move towards more advanced communication methods, understanding their impact on safety systems will be paramount for preserving and enhancing community safety.

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