The Badger: JHB Group’s new innovation in overland response technology

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The JHB Group, Inc. has announced its newest venture in the public safety arena.

They are preparing to launch a unique overland response series, introducing an innovative trailer named “The Badger”.

The Badger: a revolution in overland response

The Badger is the first product to be featured in the Overland Response Series.

It aims to enhance the capabilities of emergency services agencies such as police, fire, and disaster management units.

This versatile command trailer is built to confront challenges directly and provide a compact, sturdy solution for a variety of mission profiles.

These profiles range from incident command and wildland response to disaster management, quick reaction forces, drone operations, and more.

The intention behind this overland response vehicle is to offer enhanced power systems, communication and network abilities, scene lighting, rehab functionality, and augmented versatility.

Industry support for the innovative overland response trailer

In developing the Badger, JHB Group has received support from several industry leaders. These include Michelin Tires, Tecniq, Peplink, sPOD, Overland Vehicle Systems, Hypha, and GoPower.

“The response from the industry has been overwhelming,” JHB Group CEO Chris Gantz acknowledged: “The support from these industry leaders has really helped shape the Badger into one of the most versatile and rugged emergency response vehicles ever built.”

Gantz also highlighted the innovative elements of the Badger: “The Badger has components and design elements that have never been tried before, and the collaboration is amazing.”

The name “The Badger” was chosen to reflect the qualities of the animal it’s named after – small, yet fiercely brave.

Launch details for the Badger overland response trailer

The official launch of the Badger Overland Response Trailer is set for 4:05 p.m. on August 16, 2023.

The event will take place at Fire Rescue International (FRI) in Kansas City, MO.

Industry professionals, stakeholders, and enthusiasts of public safety technology are invited to witness the debut of the Badger.

IFSJ Comment

The introduction of JHB Group’s Overland Response Trailer, the Badger, symbolises a major stride in emergency response innovation.

It showcases the possibilities of merging modern technology with the ever-changing needs of emergency services.

This could potentially redefine how public safety agencies respond to incidents, specifically in challenging environments.

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