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The GALLET F2XR helmet comes with integrated accessories for head protection in technical rescue, wildland firefighting, water rescue, and more

The GALLET F2XR has been designed to help fire and rescue services to face new challenges linked to climate change. From wildland firefighting to technical rescue including responding to road traffic collisions and rescue at height, the GALLET F2XR can also adapt to unexplored applications such as water rescue. It is the first helmet platform with a comfortable, modular range of use due to interchangeable components that allow for individual integration to use all the necessary accessories required in the most demanding operations.

Integrated Dual-beam Headlamp

For night-time operations, it can be configured with a dual-beam front lighting system to provide both proximity lighting for extrication operations, and longer-range lighting for search and rescue. This system includes a battery pack (alkaline or rechargeable) and a tail light for better identification of the crew or tracking personnel visible in smoke-filled conditions. It is also equipped with an alert function, flashing both front and rear lights when situations become critical.


Improved Responder Goggles

Goggles as an essential element of the GALLET F2XR helmet were improved. Now they can be easily attached with just two clicks and stay secure with a magnetic adjustment system. The adjustable buckle system allows for improved user versatility and fits to multiple head sizes. The user-friendly release buckle enables easy switch between stand-by and in-service mode.


Innovative Accessories for Eye and Face Protection

The ocular visor on the GALLET F2XR is one of the major innovations and has been fully integrated into the helmet for ease of use. The face fit of the visor is adjustable in height and depth to fit any and all face shapes. It also offers eyeglass wearers the possibility of doing their job without any visual discomfort and while remaining perfectly protected. The unique “push & pull” system makes the visor easy to install and remove anywhere, at any time, without the need for tools.

Innovative eye and face protection enables to protect a wearer against injury from electric risks. In addition to the integrated ocular visor, the GALLET F2XR offers extended and robust polycarbonate face shield and a mesh visor shield that are easy to install and remove. The integration, ergonomics and simplicity of the accessories were a top priority for the MSA team during the development stages.


These face shields have been tested and certified to the EN14458:2018 standard ensuring protection from projection of solid particules or accidental contact with a live electrical conductor (typically 230V or 440 VAC) for the clear version. Additionally the clear visor has been tested according to the GS-ES-29 standard against electrical arc flash to offer maximum protection on new energy vehicles extrication missions.

Integrated Hearing Protection with Communication System Mounted Optionally

Easy to attach, fully integrated electronic ear muffs enhance protection from hazardous noise without blocking out the important background sounds or important messages from the incident command for instance. The hearing protection module comes with an optional adjustable boom microphone, providing reliable team communications on any intervention scene.


Ear Protection for Water Rescue Service

The GALLET F2XR can be fitted with left and right ear protection panels, suitable for both swift water and flood rescue which makes it EN1385:2012 compliant as well as British standard PAS028 compliant for use on small fast crafts. The intuitive attachment points allow for connecting and removal to easily adapt to the mission whenever needed. This also means the GALLET F2XR is a truly multifunctional and versatile helmet, which eliminates the need of having different kinds of helmets for each mission. As a result, the GALLET F2XR paves the way for fire and rescue services to find alternatives to adapt in such unpredictable and fast growing climate change.


Best in Class Accessory Integration

It is important to add that the adjustment of accessories has been made easy for both right- and left-handed people, even with gloves on.

Find the helmet that really suits your needs and style

One of MSA’s best skills is the on-demand helmet pad printing customisation. With over 10,000 front plates customised each year, the GALLET F2XR can be easily customised with pad-printed front plates and a new style of retroreflective stickers to improve both daytime and nightime visibility.

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