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The Last Word with FLAIM

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Ted O’Brien, Director of Customer Experience for FLAIM Systems, talks virtual reality training

Could you introduce us to FLAIM’s latest product offering?

FLAIM Trainer is a firefighter training simulation system that combines high fidelity virtual reality fire scenarios with industry standard equipment to deliver a multi-sensory feels real virtual training exercise. 

FLAIM Trainer can be set-up in minutes in any internal location to deliver cost effective training exercises for firefighters, crew leaders and incident command.

FLAIM Trainer users are able to participate in team training with the introduction of the T3 system. 

This enables teams to train from multiple locations on a single operational incident in the same virtual space.

This means different teams, in different locations can train together.

The primary advantage of this is that the trainer/instructor can observe performance, provide feedback and ensure a common or standard approach to dealing with incidents and compliance to Policies and Procedures.

How does this fit into your existing portfolio?

FLAIM are proud to have developed the world’s first multi-sensory immersive learning solution for firefighters to replicate the stress and uncertainty of real-world emergency situations safely and cost-effectively.

FLAIM have designed and developed a feels real kinaesthetic experience, which ensures the user develops muscle memory since the training is consistently repeatable.

FLAIM Trainer is not designed to replace any traditional workflow training systems that already exist, but to complement and enhance it.

How does it address current challenges or gaps in the fire sector?

FLAIM Trainer can assist emergency responding organisations to reduce several concerns and ensure they are considerate to the health and wellbeing of staff.

Using FLAIM Trainer allows organisations to deliver training in a virtual space without causing any damage the environment.

This reduces the risk of injury and reduces the exposure to carcinogens and toxins.

Utilising FLAIM Trainer means that operational equipment and personal protective equipment is not required to be used in a training arena, thus creating better longevity of equipment, and reducing overall cost of training events.

Where do you see this new product positioned in the market in the next 5 years?

FLAIM Systems is revolutionising fire training with its immersive virtual technology, adeptly merging the traditional firefighting ethos with cutting-edge advancements.

At its core, FLAIM addresses the industry’s twin needs: realism in training and safety.

Firefighters can confront a vast array of scenarios without actual risk, ensuring readiness while eliminating exposure to real-life hazards and toxins.

Moreover, its data-centric approach provides personalised feedback, addresses skills fade and tailored training to individual needs.

The idea and concept are that most UK Fire & Rescue Services will adopt FLAIM Trainer as part of their operational training delivery to support and enhance existing training regimes.

FLAIM will also be targeting specific industries like Aviation, Maritime, Gas & Oil, Petrochemical and the Automotive sector.

The system works particularly well in industries where there is limited operational activity, but high risk, FLAIM Trainer allows such organisations to practise and prepare for foreseeable events in a way that just cannot be achieved currently. 

This article was originally published in the October 2023 issue of International Fire & Safety Journal. To read your FREE digital copy, click here.

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