TOA announces strategic alliance with Eaton for advanced voice evacuation systems

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A new era in emergency voice communications

TOA Corporation (UK) Ltd, a leader in voice alarm systems, has announced a groundbreaking global partnership with Eaton.

This collaboration focuses on Eaton’s Emergency Voice Communications Systems, VoCALL5 and VoCALL16.

TOA, renowned for its expertise in voice alarm systems and its involvement in numerous life safety projects worldwide, will now integrate Eaton’s EVCS portfolio into its offerings.

This partnership is set to redefine emergency evacuation protocols by providing a comprehensive vocal solution to life safety evacuation.

Ian Bridgewater, Managing Director of TOA Corporation (UK) Ltd, expressed his enthusiasm: “I am delighted to be bringing our two companies together to continue to lead on offering solutions on products that are vital to evacuation in an emergency.

“The world is changing, and as an industry, we must address how we ensure safety both with those that can follow voice direction and exit a building to those that need additional assistance.”

A commitment to inclusive safety solutions

This alliance signifies a significant advancement in ensuring comprehensive safety for all community members during emergencies.

Colin Smith, OEM Business Development for Eaton, highlighted the shared vision: “This partnership shows how passionate we are about solving issues and making evacuation a better and safer experience for all members of the community. You cannot put a price on people’s safety.

“We are looking forward to working together with TOA to provide the best solutions for emergency communication.”

Showcasing innovations at the Fire Safety Event 2024

The integration of Eaton’s product range with TOA’s voice alarm systems will be showcased at TOA’s stand, 5/E95, during the Fire Safety Event 2024 at the NEC Birmingham, scheduled from 30 April to 2 May.

This event presents a unique opportunity for stakeholders in the fire safety industry to witness firsthand the capabilities of this integrated partnership.

IFSJ Comment

The partnership between TOA Corporation (UK) Ltd and Eaton in enhancing emergency voice communication systems is a strategic step in advancing life safety measures.

This collaboration brings together two leaders in the field, leveraging their strengths to offer complete and inclusive solutions for emergency evacuations.

It reflects an understanding of the diverse needs within our communities and a commitment to addressing these challenges innovatively.

By combining their expertise, TOA and Eaton are setting a new standard in emergency preparedness, ensuring effective communication and safety for all.

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