UK fire authorities choose MSA Safety’s innovative breathing apparatus

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Major contract: MSA Safety secures $7 million deal

MSA Safety Incorporated has announced winning a $7 million contract to provide M1 Self-Contained Breathing Apparatus (SCBA) and related firefighter technology to five UK Fire Authorities.

The authorities include West Midlands Fire and Rescue Authority, Cleveland Fire Brigade, Hereford and Worcester Fire Service, Staffordshire Fire and Rescue Service, and Warwickshire Fire Service.

Embracing advanced technology: The M1 SCBA

This decision was made following a comprehensive evaluation process. The focus of this process was the enhancement of firefighter safety through upgraded technology.

Nish Vartanian, MSA Safety Chairman and CEO, stated: “The M1 SCBA was designed specifically for the European and International fire services. It represents the most advanced, ergonomic and modular breathing apparatus our company has ever developed for those markets.”

New partnership: MSA Safety and UK Fire Authorities

According to Vartanian: “We are incredibly proud to establish this new partnership. We’re honoured that West Midlands and the consortium have entrusted MSA with the responsibility of protecting the men and women who keep the residents of one of the largest regions of the United Kingdom safe each day.”

Connected Firefighter technology: A crucial factor

The decision to select MSA Safety was influenced greatly by their Connected Firefighter technology.

This technology forms part of the M1 SCBA platform, which includes the MSA Entry Control Board.

This is a cloud-connected fire-ground management tool that provides Incident Commanders with the air and alarm status of all telemetry-enabled breathing apparatus on the scene.

Ensuring comfort and safety with MSA’s M1 SCBA

The M1 SCBA features the industry’s lightest-weight backplate, an advanced hip belt, and a padded harness that is fully water-repellent. These features aim to enhance ergonomics, hygiene, and firefighter comfort.

MSA Safety’s growing influence in the UK

Following this contract, four of the five fire authorities will be outfitted “head-to-toe” in MSA equipment. This comes after MSA Safety’s acquisition of UK-based Bristol Uniforms in 2021.

IFSJ Comment

This contract reflects the growing investment in firefighter safety by UK Fire Authorities. The innovative equipment from MSA Safety is set to revolutionise the way our brave firefighters operate, enhancing their protection and comfort in the line of duty.

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