UK qualifications regulator approves new fire sprinkler system course


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BAFSA announces new qualification for fire safety professionals

The British Automatic Fire Sprinkler Association (BAFSA) has gained approval from OFQUAL for the ABBE Level 3 Award in Inspection and Commissioning of Commercial Fire Sprinkler Systems.

This qualification is tailored for professionals in the fire safety sector, focusing on the inspection and commissioning of commercial fire sprinkler systems in alignment with LPC Rules and BS EN 12845 standards.

Participants in the course will acquire critical skills, including assessing sprinkler designs against various storage configurations and overseeing the installation and maintenance processes.

This marks a significant development in enhancing the competency and capabilities within the fire safety industry.

Course details and industry implications

OFQUAL’s endorsement signifies a crucial step forward in standardized training for fire safety professionals.

The newly named ABBE Level 3 Award will equip individuals with essential knowledge for managing and implementing fire sprinkler systems, a fundamental component of modern commercial building safety protocols.

Ali Perry, Chief Executive of BAFSA, expressed satisfaction with the course’s approval, stating: “I would like to congratulate BAFSA’s Ruth Oliver and Alan Crichton and our partners at ABBE for achieving this milestone in BAFSA’s ongoing commitment to further enhance the competence of those working within our life saving industry.

We will continue to work to deliver approved qualifications for the suite of new courses BAFSA is currently developing.”

Further information and future prospects

The qualification also serves as part of the criteria for obtaining the Industry Skillcard Fire Sprinkler Engineer (Blue Skilled Worker card), which is pivotal for professionals in the sector.

For those interested in enrolling in this course, further details are available on the BAFSA Training Centre website.

As part of its commitment to advancing fire safety education, BAFSA continues to develop and introduce new courses aimed at addressing the evolving needs of the fire safety industry.

These efforts underscore the association’s dedication to fostering a safer working environment through accredited training and qualifications.

IFSJ Comment

The approval of the ABBE Level 3 Award in Inspection and Commissioning of Commercial Fire Sprinkler Systems by OFQUAL is a positive step towards standardising qualifications within the fire safety sector.

By setting a benchmark for educational excellence in this field, BAFSA is contributing to the overall enhancement of industry standards and safety.

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