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Oxfordshire firefighters voice opposition to the Direct Entry Scheme

Oxfordshire fire service faces protest over hiring inexperienced managers In a demonstration outside the Oxfordshire County Council, firefighters have demanded ...

Fire Prevention Week 2023 to focus on cooking safety

The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), sponsor of Fire Prevention Week for over a century, has revealed its theme for ...
mental health

Central Council of Appeal holds Emmen Municipality liable for former firefighter's PTSD

Firefighter’s prolonged exposure to trauma The Central Council of Appeal has recently ruled that the Municipality of Emmen is responsible ...

Drone technology expansion to assist wildfire efforts pushed by US lawmakers

Federal Aviation Administration pushed for advancement of drone technology Legislation from both the House and the Senate in the United ...

The Foam Pump Evolution with Fire Lion

Unpacking the ground-breaking innovations of Fire Lion in fire-fighting foam technology under Director Aaron Johnson’s stewardship From firefighter to foam ...
electric battery thermal runaway

Raising public awareness on battery fires

NFCC and Material Focus release educational video on battery fires In an attempt to curb the growing number of fires ...
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