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IFSJ Influencer Insight: Francesca Boeris, Managing Director Comelit-PAC

‘As the demand for flexible and scalable solutions continues to grow, our emphasis on wireless systems becomes integral to this ...

IFSJ Influencer Insight: Milan Dubravac, President, CTIF

‘We are dedicated to advancing research and developing resources to ensure the health and safety of our front-line defenders against ...
Ajit Pic 2

IFSJ Influencer Insight: Ajit Raghavan, President of the Fire & Security Association of India

‘The path ahead is complex, but with concerted effort, the future of fire and safety is bright and hopeful.’ As ...

IFSJ Influencer Insight: Georgina Gilbert, Antarctic Fire Angel

‘The disparity in equipment design, particularly in crucial industries like firefighting, underscores the need for inclusive design considerations.’ In today’s ...
Sinclair Duffie Headshot

IFSJ Influencer Insight: Sinclair Duffie, Senior Fire Department Support Supervisor

‘Becoming engaged with the team and allowing them room to develop is one sure way to build and strengthen the ...
Peter Stephenson_IFSJ

IFSJ Influencer Insight: Peter Stephenson, Director of Hydrock Fire Safety Division

‘The development of smart cities will create opportunities for companies specialising in integrated fire safety systems.’ Looking forward to 2024, ...
Steve Hamm

IFSJ Influencer Insight: Steve Hamm, CEO of the Institution of Fire Engineers

‘The fire service must maintain its commitment to excellence, constantly seeking ways to improve.’ As we step into 2024, the ...
Steph Rotarangi04042023006_lr

IFSJ Influencer Insight: Steph Rotarangi, Deputy National Commander for Fire and Emergency New Zealand

‘If we are truly committed to preventing fire, sometimes we need to take calculated risks.‘ You’re Cooked (slang) inebriated: drunk, high, ...
Bob Caputo

IFSJ Influencer Insight: Bob Caputo, President of the American Fire Sprinkler Association

‘When immediate action is essential, fire sprinklers stand out as a pivotal, economical defense.’ In the ever-changing landscape of fire ...
Carlene York - MODA0043

IFSJ Influencer Insight: Carlene York, Past AFAC President

‘Investing in our people is an investment in the future of our sector and our collective resilience to disasters.’ For ...
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