A fire safety overhaul at Elmwood Primary School

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Cygnus collaborates with Blake Fire & Security Systems to upgrade fire safety at Elmwood Primary School

Cygnus, a leading manufacturer of wireless fire detection and alarm systems, recently partnered with Southend-on-Sea-based Blake Fire & Security Systems to revamp the fire safety protocol at Elmwood Primary School in South Woodham Ferrers.

The two companies supplied the school with 130 of Cygnus’ SmartNet wireless alarm systems, bolstering safety measures for the school’s staff and students.

Elmwood Primary School reached out to Blake Fire & Security Systems for a comprehensive review and quotation of their existing, outdated fire alarm systems.

Rory Foster, Fire Safety Systems Manager at Blake Fire & Security Systems noted: “After discussing the options, it was obvious to see the benefits of using a wireless system for this project.”

Unveiling the benefits of wireless fire safety systems

Wireless systems came with a host of benefits.

Notably, their cost was lower than their wired counterparts, mainly due to the lack of required containment, cabling, and a streamlined installation process needing only a single engineer.

On the ease of installation, Foster said: “The speed and ease of installation meant that we were able to install SmartNet in just four days during the May half term.”

This meant that installation could be done outside of the lengthy summer holiday period.

The wireless system provided a solution that avoided penetration through walls or ceilings, a necessary step in the installation of wired alternatives.

Foster added: “Running cables through walls and ceilings with a wired system also requires extra fire proofing to maintain the fire compartments of the building.”

Cygnus’ SmartNet: The wireless solution for reliable fire safety

Post installation, the school’s fire safety system underwent a quick transformation with the help of Blake Fire & Security’s NSI Gold FD&A Designer.

They used a BS5839 Classification L2 System approved design, while Cygnus delivered the necessary products within two days, ensuring an efficient workflow.

The SmartNet wireless network, a product of patented Cygnus technology, is a self-forming and self-healing mesh network powered by battery-operated radio devices.

It guarantees a minimum of two communication paths to each wireless device, ensuring maximum reliability.

Foster concluded: “Following the installation of the SmartNet wireless fire alarm, the school was very impressed.

“We would highly recommend the Cygnus system due to its reliability, ease and speed of installation, lack of mess, and user-friendly functionality.”

IFSJ Comment

The collaboration between Cygnus and Blake Fire & Security Systems showcases how wireless technology can revolutionise fire safety, particularly in educational settings.

It highlights the efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and enhanced safety such a system brings, offering our readers valuable insight into the latest trends in fire safety solutions.

About Cygnus

Cygnus is a leading manufacturer of wireless fire detection and alarm systems, recognised for their cutting-edge technology and reliable solutions.

They are committed to enhancing fire safety across various sectors, with their patented technology serving as a testament to their innovative approach.

For more information, visit Cygnus.

Further details on Blake Fire & Security Systems are available at Blake Fire & Security Systems.

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