Reigniting passion in occupational safety and health

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IFSJ catches up with Andy Shenstone, recently appointed Chief Executive at NEBOSH, to talk social impact in occupational safety and health

Leading the field in occupational safety and health (OSH), NEBOSH is invigorating its commitment to social impact.

At the helm of this transformation is Andy Shenstone, the newly appointed Chief Executive of NEBOSH.

An industry veteran, Shenstone brings is someone with a passion for social good and a wealth of experience in nurturing sustainable organisations in the education and training sector.

The journey leading Shenstone to NEBOSH was one paved with intent and alignment.

Reflecting on his career, Shenstone says: “Personally and professionally, I am motivated by work that can make some positive and sustainable social impact.”

Having devoted the past eight years to the development of sustainable organisations in the realms of education and training, Shenstone now aims to harness his expertise to amplify NEBOSH’s influence and impact in the global OSH arena.

He describes the path that led him to NEBOSH: “Last summer I started seeking a CEO role. And coincidentally, as I made that decision, I was almost at the same time approached by the agency that was supporting the CEO recruitment process at NEBOSH.”

These initial dialogues with the board led to an appointment panel and a series of interactions with the staff at the organisation.

The passionate commitment of the NEBOSH team resonated with Shenstone’s own drive for social impact, leading to his appointment as CEO.

A global force

NEBOSH stands as a leading international organisation, with a vision firmly rooted in enhancing workplace health and safety.

Its mission is to establish itself as the pre-eminent global provider of high-quality qualifications, training, and learner engagement.

The goal? To promote and improve occupational health, safety, wellbeing, and environmental management across workplaces worldwide.

With a broad portfolio of credit and non-credit bearing OSH qualifications that cater to learners in over 120 countries, NEBOSH is undeniably a global force in the OSH domain.

Through its internationally active, UK-registered charity, Advanced HE, NEBOSH is committed to enhancing higher education for students in society worldwide.

Reinventing OSH

Describing his tenure so far, Shenstone gives three words: “Busy, fulfilling, stimulating.”

Since his appointment, he  has immersed himself in understanding the organisation and its mission, focusing on face-to-face meetings with staff across the organisation, where he says he was made to feel warmly welcome.

His recent weeks, he tells, have been marked by engaging with NEBOSH’s key learning partners and external stakeholders in the wider community.

The future promises a challenging balance as he intends to divide his time addressing internal priorities alongside maintaining an active dialogue with external priorities and partners.

A future filled with social impact

Shenstone shared his ambitious vision for NEBOSH’s immediate future, identifying three main priorities: modernisation of core business systems, protecting the credibility of OSH awards, and enhancing NEBOSH’s social impact.

The Chief Executive firmly believes in the power of modernisation as he seeks to bolster NEBOSH’s core business systems to help maintain its unparalleled position as the credible provider of level three and level six OSH qualifications.

NEBOSH, under Shenstone’s leadership, plans to assert itself against any threats that might undermine the credibility of OSH awards.

Looking beyond the immediate future, Shenstone is committed to magnifying the organisation’s social impact. “There is a lot we’re already doing in this area,” he points out, adding that he plans to identify where NEBOSH’s future priorities should lie regarding social impact.

He further emphasises the need to explore more ways to enhance and improve inclusivity in the OSH workforce.

Upholding rigour and excellence

NEBOSH’s qualifications hold a formidable reputation within the industry. Shenstone champions their rigour, stating that they have a proven history of propelling individuals into more senior professional positions.

He also highlights how NEBOSH swiftly navigated recent changes to the IOSH membership structure that affected international learners.

Now, NEBOSH has secured recognition for these learners, underscoring its commitment to quality and adaptability.

Shenstone proudly highlights NEBOSH’s adult diploma scholarship programme.

Named after Michael Adamson, who tragically lost his life in a workplace incident, the programme supports aspiring professionals worldwide in developing the skills they need to ensure workplace safety.

Shenstone explains: “That whole scholarship programme is geared towards helping aspiring professionals develop the skills they need to succeed in the workplace, and help keep people safe from harm.”

He adds: “We receive applications from around the world, and previous recipients including people from as far afield as Qatar, Nigeria, United Arab Emirates, and Ghana.”

Expanding reach and impact

Under Shenstone’s guidance, NEBOSH’s focus for the next 12 months and beyond is centred around social good.

His aim is to explore more ways NEBOSH can give back to the global HSE community and provide further support in the area.

Shenstone shares: “We’ve already got a suite of programmes, for example: scholarships, alumni membership, webinars, and CPD events.

“We want to do more with both what we do and look to see how we can collaborate with our partners in the OSH community to make an even bigger difference.”

Reinforcing this vision, he expressed his intention to invest more in the organisation’s people and systems to support existing learning partners and customers, thereby enhancing their experiences with NEBOSH.

In the grand scheme of things, NEBOSH aims to reignite its passion for social impact and social service.

As Shenstone rightly put it: “We absolutely need to energise that area, and I think lots of organisations in OSH environments that actually do that as well with us in partnership.”

The future, indeed, holds promise for NEBOSH, as it seeks to reinvigorate its commitment to social impact under the passionate leadership of its new Chief Executive.

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