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Adexon Fire & Smoke Curtains joins BSI National Committees

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Adexon Fire & Smoke Curtains, known for its expertise in fire and smoke protection solutions, has recently joined several BSI (British Standards Institution) National Committees.

This marks a new chapter in the company’s commitment to enhancing safety standards and contributing to safer future environments.

Adexon’s new memberships in BSI committees

The company’s new roles in the BSI National Committees encompass a range of critical areas in fire and smoke safety:

  1. FSH 25 (BS 8524 and BS EN 12101-1:2020): Focusing on Smoke Heat control systems and components.
  2. B/538/1 (BS EN 16034:2014): Pertaining to Windows and Doors.
  3. FSH/22/-/5 (ISO 21524:2021, BS EN 15269-1, 11, and 20): Involving Fire Resistance Tests for Doors.
  4. B/538/5 (BS EN 13241-1:2003): Addressing Industrial and Commercial Garage Doors and Gates.

In these committees, Adexon Fire & Smoke Curtains aims to make meaningful contributions to safety standards.

Adexon’s focus in advocacy

The company has outlined its advocacy focuses within the BSI committees:

  • Implementing a hot smoke test in BS EN 1634-3.
  • Promoting the exclusive use of BS EN 1634-1 for fire testing, over BS 476.
  • Recommending the elimination or stringent control of the hot motor test in BS 8524-1, for practicality in fire situations.

More information about Adexon’s contributions to BS 8524-1 can be found on their website.

Role and importance of BSI Committee Membership

Being a BSI Committee Member involves a significant role in the creation of standards and the functioning of BSI as a National Standards Body (NSB).

This role is voluntary and unpaid, requiring members to contribute their expertise to the development of standards in accordance with BS 0 and best practices in volunteer management.

Future endeavours and resources

Adexon Fire & Smoke Curtains continues to innovate in fire and smoke curtain systems, ensuring compliance with the highest safety standards.

For more information on their advocacy and contributions, interested parties can visit Adexon’s website.

IFSJ Comment

Adexon Fire & Smoke Curtains’ recent induction into several BSI National Committees marks a significant step in their ongoing commitment to fire and smoke safety.

Their involvement in these committees allows them to contribute directly to the development and refinement of safety standards, leveraging their expertise in the field.

This move also reflects the broader industry trend towards collaborative efforts in enhancing safety protocols and technologies.

The focus on implementing and modifying specific tests and standards, like the hot smoke test and fire testing methods, highlights the company’s dedication to practical, real-world applications of safety measures.

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