Advanced fire control: NURIA analogue addressable panel

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NIBBLE’s NURIA is fully configurable and can be networked with up to 32 fire control panels and networked repeaters

NIBBLE is a leading manufacturer of a complete portfolio of fire and security systems, including cutting-edge wired and wireless addressable systems, complemented by a range of conventional products.

NURIA is NIBBLE’s technologically advanced 1 – 4 loop analogue addressable fire alarm panel which meets the needs of the global market today. Its flexible, modular design makes NIBBLE ideally suited to medium/large projects such as hotels, banks, airports, concert halls, museums, hospitals, large industrial facilities, stadiums and universities, etc.

Fully CPR certified to EN54-2 and EN54-4, the NURIA panel is functional, extremely robust and designed with the user experience in mind.

In addition to being easy to install, configure and use, an intuitive user interface provides a superior user experience and reduces the costs and time associated with installation and configuration. The panel features a high-resolution back-lit 7-inch touch screen LCD display which provides a clear and user-friendly interface.

Advanced diagnostics have been integrated into the panel, allowing installers to quickly and easily pinpoint any circuit faults, as well as control isolators. The panel also boasts powerful cause-and-effect programming capabilities.

NURIA is fully configurable and can be networked with up to 32 fire control panels and networked repeaters. Ethernet and/or CAN is available by default to network the panels, with redundancy, and a fibre optic card, networkable in a ring topology, is also available as an option. The panel has a high-integrity digital protocol for resilient high-speed monitoring and data communication with up to 254 devices on a single loop.

NURIA’s modular metal case can be flush or surface mounted. Easy access to the panel’s interior reduces the time associated with any required maintenance. The panel’s electronics are removable which means the box can be installed on site prior to the electronics being connected.  

Three fully programmable relay auxiliary outputs are provided on the panel, giving freedom to adapt them for any requirement.

Remote communication to the panel via web access (app and browser) will soon be available, making monitoring and maintenance easier and improving the efficiency and management of the panel.

Also available in a Fire Brigade Panel option (SBSC Certified), the NURIA panel is a new generation technology in fire detection.

Safety, technology, innovation, connectivity and sustainability are at the heart of NIBBLE’s product development, powered by its R&D capacity. This is very much aligned with the GSS Group’s focus on continued growth through innovation and ongoing commitment to being a standout global leader in advanced fire safety systems and security solutions.  

This article was originally published in the April 2024 issue of International Fire & Safety Journal. To read your FREE digital copy, click here.

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