Building Safety Regulator reviews progress and plans for 2024

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Building Safety Regulator outlines achievements and future plans

The Building Safety Regulator (BSR) has issued an update detailing the significant progress made in enhancing safety standards and regulatory practices for buildings in England throughout 2023.

The report reflects on the regulator’s achievements in its first operational year and previews anticipated developments for 2024.

The BSR was established with a focus on high-rise buildings and has extended its influence across various facets of the building industry, aiming to elevate safety and competence among professionals.

Notably, the BSR initiated a new building safety regime centred around resident safety.

In April, it launched an online service for the registration of high-rise residential buildings, marking a key operational milestone.

Key initiatives and regulatory changes

Over the past year, BSR hosted the inaugural Building Safety Legislation (BSL) conference, attracting over 900 delegates from the building environment sector.

The event facilitated discussions on the newly introduced safety regime and future safety standards.

In addition to these efforts, the regulator rolled out the “Making Buildings Safer” campaign and took charge as the building control authority under the Building Safety Act for higher risk building projects (HRBP).

This role includes assessing HRBP applications, ensuring no building work commences without approval.

By October, registration for high-rise buildings became compulsory, a significant step in the BSR’s enforcement strategy.

Strengthening the regulatory framework

That latest update stated: “Our future plans what we are doing in 2024. Looking ahead to 2020 for a transformative phase awaits the built environment industry.

“Our evidence based guidance updates and insights will support stakeholders in complying with their legal requirements and will also foster a much needed cultural shift.”

In 2024, the BSR aims to introduce updated evidence-based guidance to support compliance with legal requirements, promoting a cultural transformation within the industry.

This includes mandatory registration for building control inspectors and approvers, and the introduction of operational standards enforceable from April.

IFSJ Comment

The Building Safety Regulator’s update on its first year of operations offers an insightful reflection on the strides made towards safer building practices in England.

The commitment to improving safety standards and regulatory mechanisms is evident in the detailed achievements and proactive plans set for the coming years.

As the BSR continues to implement its strategic plan, the focus on education, regulation, and enforcement is crucial for fostering a safer built environment for all residents.

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