Apollo Fire introduces advanced Tri-Sensor fire detector technology in the UK

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Overview of Apollo Fire’s new tri-sensor technology

Apollo Fire Detectors Ltd has launched the Soteria Tri-Sensor Detector, a new addition to their fire detection offerings.

As reported by Apollo Fire, this technology combines dual optical sensing with a heat thermistor and a CO sensor to enhance fire detection accuracy.

This integration significantly reduces false alarms and promotes efficient safety measures.

The device is designed to address the urgent need for reliable fire detection solutions.

It promises enhanced accuracy through its triple detection capacity, effectively distinguishing real fire threats from false triggers.

Features and benefits of the Soteria Tri-Sensor Detector

The Soteria Tri-Sensor Detector is notable for its compatibility with various fire safety systems and its adaptability to different settings, such as theatres, prisons, and residential buildings.

This flexibility is further enhanced by the detector’s integrated isolator and tri-coloured LEDs, which simplify maintenance and troubleshooting procedures.

Moreover, the detector exceeds standard regulatory requirements, providing users with assurance of its reliability and performance.

Its Double-Knock verification feature demands activation from at least two sensors to trigger an alarm, adding an extra layer of verification that boosts its dependability.

Certification and market readiness

The new Soteria Tri-Sensor has undergone rigorous testing and has been certified to surpass existing safety standards, reinforcing Apollo’s commitment to quality and reliability.

The product also includes NT and MT modes, which provide varied response strategies depending on the detected threat, thus accommodating a broader range of environmental conditions.

This sophisticated technology not only aligns with the latest in fire safety regulations but also meets the needs of a diverse market, ensuring a wide applicability across different sectors and building types.

IFSJ Comment

By incorporating multiple sensing elements, Apollo has enhanced the accuracy and reliability of fire detection, which is crucial for safety in diverse environments.

This development demonstrates Apollo’s ongoing commitment to innovation and its proactive approach in addressing the complex demands of fire safety management.

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