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Fire safety updates for Northern Ireland discussed at the Ask Aico roadshow

Aico recently celebrated 30 years of renowned market presence in Fire and Carbon Monoxide (CO) protection solutions.

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Overview of the Ask Aico Northern Ireland Roadshow

The Ask Aico Northern Ireland Roadshow, an event dedicated to discussing upcoming changes in fire and carbon monoxide safety regulations, recently concluded its tour across Northern Ireland.

Spanning from April 22nd to May 2nd, the roadshow made stops at 12 different locations, including a notable visit to the National Football Stadium at Windsor Park in Belfast.

This initiative comes in response to proposed updates to the Private Tenancy Regulations and Building (Amendment) Regulations – Part E (Fire Safety) aimed at enhancing tenant safety across the region.

Proposed changes to safety regulations

The main focus of the roadshow was to inform various stakeholders about the significant legislative updates that require private rented homes to install specified numbers of heat, smoke, and carbon monoxide alarms that adhere to British Standards.

These changes are designed to align Northern Ireland with the fire safety measures already established in other UK jurisdictions.

Roadshow impacts and engagements

Throughout the roadshow, Aico personnel engaged with a diverse group of stakeholders, including electrical contractors, landlords, letting agents, and tenants.

The discussions centred around the implications of these changes for property compliance and safety standards.

Notable sessions addressed the legislation for private rented dwellings and the use of smart sensors to detect environmental hazards like damp and mould.

“The Ask Aico Northern Ireland Roadshow was a valuable experience that allowed us to connect directly with various industry players,” said Duncan Orr, Relationship Manager at Aico.

“From distributors and installers to landlords, letting agents, and even tenants, our team had the opportunity to educate them about the upcoming changes to building regulations and private rented dwellings legislation.

“This proactive approach ensures property owners, contractors, and residents are fully aware of their obligations and are empowered to maintain compliance.

“Our state-of-the-art mobile unit allowed attendees to see first-hand how Aico’s products can help them meet the new regulations and ultimately create safer living spaces.”

IFSJ comment

The Ask Aico Northern Ireland Roadshow represents a proactive effort to educate and update stakeholders across Northern Ireland about critical fire safety and carbon monoxide regulations.

By providing direct access to expert advice and demonstrating compliance solutions, Aico plays a pivotal role in enhancing safety standards in the region.

Such initiatives are essential for ensuring that the changes in legislation lead to improved safety outcomes for all residents.

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