ASFP elects new Chair and first female Vice Chair at 2023 Annual General Meeting

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The Association for Specialist Fire Protection (ASFP) made pivotal leadership changes at their 2023 Annual General Meeting.

On 7th June at Hatfield House, Hertfordshire, the ASFP selected new representatives for its Chair and Vice Chair roles. Clive Miles, the founder of CLM Fireproofing, has assumed the role of Chair, succeeding Chris Miles who stepped down after his two-year term. In a significant development, Sharon McClure of Avesta Scotland takes up the Vice Chair position, making her the first woman to hold this post within the ASFP.

Clive Miles: A veteran with a vision

Clive Miles, having established CLM three decades ago, boasts a long-standing career in delivering passive fire protection (PFP) solutions to some of the UK’s most noteworthy buildings. His primary focus is on propagating best practices, nurturing talent, and fostering innovation within the PFP sector.

Clive shared his perspective on the ongoing issues plaguing the industry and his plan for the ASFP’s advancement: “Increased pressures from legislation, media coverage, insurances and skill shortages are driving unprecedented transformation in the sector. The ASFP and our members have to evolve in new and innovative ways in order to adapt to this new, ever-changing world.

“The industry is suffering both from an ageing workforce and a skills shortage and more needs to be done to attract and retain young professionals. Through a combination of apprenticeships, academies and outreach programmes we can help secure the next generation of our profession.

“By creating and implementing new ways to train, engage and promote PFP, we can ensure the ASFP becomes the industry benchmark for ‘educational best practice’.”

He also warmly welcomed Sharon McClure as Vice Chair, acknowledging her extensive industry experience and past contributions to the ASFP’s growth as a long-serving Council member.

Sharon McClure: A advocate for quality and competency

Having been part of the PFP industry since 2006 and Avesta since 2010, Sharon is a dedicated professional with a clear vision for the sector’s evolution. She currently represents Scotland for the ASFP within BuildUK (BuildScotland) and is the Chair of the Ayrshire Construction Training Group.

Sharon’s goal is to enhance the PFP sector’s competency, boost quality within the built environment, and ensure lessons are learned from past construction errors. She believes in timely consideration of passive fire and other crucial construction components.

A successful annual gathering

The 2023 Annual General Meeting served as a valuable networking event for ASFP members and guests. Attendees gained insight into ASFP’s activities and future plans, and received regulatory updates. The highlight was a keynote speech from Aman Sharma, CEO of Totus Digital and former Deputy Chair of the Building Regulations Advisory Committee. Sharma’s talk focused on how digital innovation can create a ‘Golden Thread’ of information to improve building safety.

For more information about the ASFP, please visit their website.

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