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ASFP to host informative seminar focusing on construction changes in Scotland

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ASFP brings together industry leaders for a comprehensive construction seminar in Scotland

The Association for Specialist Fire Protection (ASFP) is set to host a continuing professional development (CPD) seminar at the University of Stirling on the 19 of July, 2023.

Details of the event can be found at this link.

The seminar will gather a selection of experts from ASFP as well as guest speakers.

The main topic of discussion will be ‘The Need for Change in Construction – Competence / Compliance / Culture’.

Insight into construction changes from ASFP and guest speakers

The day will commence at 9am.

The opening speech will be given by ASFP’s Managing Director, Mike Ward, and Vice Chair Sharon McClure, who is also the Operations Director at Avesta Scotland.

Next, David O’Reilly, the ASFP Ireland Operations Officer, will share how the ASFP has played a key role in enhancing passive fire protection standards in Ireland.

Technical Officer of the ASFP, Dr Andrew Taylor, will then offer an update on fire safety regulation in England and pave the way for guest speakers concentrating on Scottish regulations.

Key figures in Scottish construction and building standards will also contribute to the discussion.

Stephen Garvin, the Head of Building Standards Division from the Scottish Government, will elaborate on the efforts of the Building and Fire Safety Ministerial Working Group and the Building Standards Future Board.

Alan McAulay, the Building Standards Hub Director, will proceed to provide an overview of the Building Standards Hub and its crucial role in advancing the building standards system in Scotland.

Opportunities for interactive participation and CPD accreditation

Following a break for lunch and an opportunity for networking with exhibitors, the seminar will continue with a panel discussion in the afternoon.

Here, all speakers will address questions from attendees.

Furthermore, the interactive session will be live-streamed, allowing delegates worldwide to participate.

The event is scheduled to conclude at 2.40pm.

Attendees present at the venue will be awarded 2 hours of CPD accreditation.

Those interested in attending the event or the webinar can book their spot here.

About ASFP

The Association for Specialist Fire Protection (ASFP) is a UK-based organisation committed to the protection of life, property, and the environment. ASFP collaborates with government and key stakeholders to promote continuous improvement in fire protection systems and solutions.

IFSJ Comment

This event presents an important opportunity for industry professionals to engage in meaningful dialogue around competence, compliance, and culture in construction.

With expert insights from both ASFP and special guest speakers, attendees will have the chance to broaden their understanding of the evolving landscape of fire safety regulations in England, Ireland, and particularly Scotland.

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