ASFP introduces new training recognition service to uphold standards in passive fire protection

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New initiative by ASFP to validate passive fire protection training quality

The Association for Specialist Fire Protection (ASFP) has initiated a new training recognition service aimed at providing independent third-party evaluations of training courses specifically designed for passive fire protection (PFP).

The ASFP Recognition confirms that all recognised providers adhere to the highest standards in training delivery and passive fire technical input.

This service links training programmes to an industry-developed competence framework, ensuring they offer current and relevant skills and knowledge.

The service enables the Association to collaborate with various training providers to review their processes and operational methods.

This review process helps in identifying a commitment to high-quality learning by examining how training programmes are developed, delivered, and updated, ensuring the technical accuracy of the content, and assessing the selection and development of trainers.

Criteria for recognition and benefits for providers

For training providers to gain recognition from the ASFP, they must demonstrate a robust approach to both training quality and technical capability.

An independent panel reviews each application, and providers meeting the quality benchmarks are then permitted to use the ASFP Recognised Provider logo.

This endorsement aids in distinguishing high-quality providers, making it easier for learners to choose appropriate training.

The recognition is available to dedicated training companies, organisations with significant internal training provisions for their staff, and manufacturers that offer training or CPD to clients or the public, irrespective of whether it is chargeable.

Providers that meet these standards can ensure learners receive high-quality, technically accurate training that supports registration on the ASFP Competence Register.

First recognised training provider and leadership comments

Siderise Insulation has the distinction of being the first company recognised as an ASFP Recognised Training Provider.

They offer comprehensive training covering various aspects of PFP, including design, supervision, installation, and distribution linked to both their products and general PFP specifications.

Mike Ward, Managing Director of ASFP, remarked: “Training is an important part of positively driving up standards in the passive fire protection sector and forms a key step of our broader Competency Pathway, which leads to the ASFP Pass Mark.”

He added: “We recognise that many third parties offer appropriate PFP training and have now developed a process for recognising those that meet our high quality and technical standards, incorporating their good work as evidence of competence.”

Adam Turk, CEO of Siderise, expressed his enthusiasm about the recognition: “We are thrilled and proud to be the first ASFP Recognised Provider.

Having an independent measure of training is great for the industry – it is good that there is something specific that we can be measured against, and that it results in a more capable workforce.”

IFSJ Comment

The launch of the ASFP’s Training Recognition Service marks a substantial advancement in setting benchmarks for training quality within the passive fire protection industry.

By establishing a standardised framework for evaluating training programmes, the ASFP enhances the overall quality and relevance of professional training in this critical field.

This initiative not only supports the professional development of individuals in the sector but also contributes to the safety and effectiveness of fire protection measures across the industry.

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