Rapid response by Saudi Red Crescent saves man in Al-Rawsan desert crash

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Saudi Red Crescent’s timely intervention saves life in remote desert crash

On April 23, air ambulance crews from the Saudi Red Crescent conducted a life-saving operation for a man involved in a hit-and-run accident in the remote Al-Rawsan desert, northern Saudi Arabia.

Responding swiftly to a distress call received via the 997 emergency hotline, the medical team reached the crash site within a remarkably short time.

Details of the rescue operation

The helicopter dispatched to the scene played a crucial role in the rescue operation.

Within just 10 minutes of the call, the crew managed to stabilize the injured man and transport him to Prince Mutaib bin Abdul Aziz Hospital in Skaka.

The rapid response and expert handling of the situation by the medical team ensured that the patient received immediate care, which was vital for his survival and recovery.

Current status of the injured man

The hospital has reported that the man is currently in a stable condition and continues to receive the necessary medical care.

This incident has once again demonstrated the critical role that efficient emergency response plays in saving lives in remote locations.

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