ASFP releases new and updated technical publications

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The Association for Specialist Fire Protection (ASFP) has made a significant contribution to the fire protection industry with the release of new and updated Advisory Notes (ANs) and Technical Guidance Documents (TGDs) in 2023.

Advisory Notes: Highlights and Updates

AN 32 – BS 476-based fire resistance testing on Eurocode designed structures: This new document discusses the relationship between design codes, test methods, and building regulations.

It provides assurance for current and near-future projects, pending the outcome of the Government’s consultation on BS 476 test methods.

AN 31 – Performance smoke seals in active curtain assemblies: Produced in response to market feedback, this new AN addresses the use of smoke seals and the relevance of the S smoke leakage classification.

Updates to Existing ANs:

AN 1, ‘Fire and Your Legal Liability’, has been revised to reflect legislative changes.

AN 2, ‘Indicative or Ad-Hoc Testing Essential Information’, now includes updated information on third-party certification and fire testing types.

AN 7 – Guidance on Horizontal linear gap seals: This note recommends testing horizontal linear gap seals in curtain walls to BS EN 1364-4, clarifying that results from BS EN 1366-4 are not applicable for this use.

AN 22 – Compatibility between pipes and acoustic or firestopping Seals: Updated recommendations include guidance for installing short metal pipes and sound/firestopping products with cPVC pipes, emphasizing compatibility issues and the avoidance of welding/soldering hot works.

Technical Guidance Documents: Key Introductions

TGD 21 – UKCA and CE marking of operable fabric curtains: This document highlights the conformity assessment requirements for active curtains under the Construction Products Regulations and the Machinery Directive, noting potential changes following the Building Safety Act.

TGD 23 – Compliance with Irish Building and Fire Safety Regulations: A new Code of Practice to assist with compliance under the Building Control Act 1990 and Fire Services Acts 1981 and 2003, offering an overview of legislation and design/installation considerations.

Ongoing Efforts and Future Directions

The ASFP’s library of guidance documents is continuously reviewed and updated to meet industry needs.

These publications underscore the ASFP’s commitment to advancing fire protection standards and offering relevant, practical guidance to industry professionals.

For more information on the ASFP, passive fire protection training, and advice, visit their website.

IFSJ Comment

The Association for Specialist Fire Protection‘s latest release of advisory notes and technical guidance documents marks a notable advancement in fire safety and protection standards.

The ASFP’s continuous effort to update and introduce new publications reflects the dynamic nature of fire risks and the evolving landscape of fire safety regulations.

This proactive approach ensures that professionals in the field are equipped with the latest knowledge and tools to effectively manage fire risks and comply with regulatory requirements.

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