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ASFP shortlisted in three categories for the Memcom Excellence Awards 2023

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ASFP’s strides in digital platforms and membership magazine recognised

The Association for Specialist Fire Protection (ASFP) has been shortlisted in three categories at the Memcom Excellence Awards 2023.

The awards aim to celebrate organisations that enhance their profession’s value and make positive contributions to society.

The focus of these awards is to acknowledge the efforts membership organisations put into elevating their sector’s standards.

ASFP’s YouTube channel gains recognition

ASFPTV, the YouTube channel operated by ASFP, has been nominated for the “Best Social Media Presence – Less than 50K” award.

The channel stands out due to its comprehensive programming and its effectiveness in boosting ASFP member engagement.

Series offered by ASFPTV include:

  • “ASFPTV” which updates viewers about ASFP’s activities,
  • “ASFP Live” which reports news from various events,
  • “Sparking Interest” which delves into topics not strictly related to passive fire protection,
  • “Meet the Member” which gives members a spotlight to discuss their products and services,
  • and “Getting Technical” that focuses on technical challenges in the passive fire industry.

ASFP’s online course shines among e-learning initiatives

Another notable mention is the ASFP’s “Online Introduction to Passive Fire Protection”.

This recently revised course from 2022 stands as a contender for the “Best E-learning / Online Education Initiative” award.

The course is structured in bite-sized modules ranging between 7 to 15 minutes, each focusing on a unique aspect of passive fire protection.

Successful candidates are awarded a Certificate of Completion and also receive 3 hours of certified CPD points upon course conclusion.

Membership magazine “Ignite” garners attention

Lastly, “Ignite”, ASFP’s membership magazine, has been nominated in the “Best Magazine, Circulation less than 20K” category.

Debuted in November 2021, the magazine aims to update members and stakeholders about the passive fire sector’s challenges and news.

It also offers insights into ASFP activities and showcases member products and services.

The magazine can be accessed both in print and online, with its production costs managed through advertising revenues.

The winners of the Memcom Excellence Awards will be unveiled in a dinner event at the Hilton Bankside in London on the 26th of September.

For a deeper dive into ASFP and its initiatives, you can visit their official website.

IFSJ Comment

The recognition of ASFP in three categories of the Memcom Excellence Awards underscores the organisation’s commitment to enhancing fire safety standards and its continued efforts in member engagement.

The nominations reflect the tangible impact of ASFP’s initiatives in both the digital and print realms, demonstrating a holistic approach to reaching its audience and raising awareness on passive fire protection.

About ASFP

The Association for Specialist Fire Protection (ASFP) is dedicated to enhancing and promoting passive fire protection within the construction industry. Through its various initiatives, events, and publications, the ASFP aims to improve industry standards, raise awareness about passive fire risks, and provide resources for its members and the wider community.

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