Teledyne FLIR releases a new radiometric thermal camera module

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Teledyne FLIR unveils the Lepton 3.1R thermal camera module

Teledyne FLIR, a subsidiary of Teledyne Technologies Incorporated, has launched the Lepton 3.1R, which they describe as the world’s first radiometric thermal camera module boasting a 95-degree field of view, a 160 x 120 resolution, and a scene dynamic range up to 400 degrees Celsius.

This latest model retains the compact, energy-efficient design which has established the Lepton range as a top choice for mobile devices, compact electronics, and uncrewed systems.

For more about the Lepton series, visit here.

A legacy of innovation and practical application

Mike Walters, vice president of product management at Teledyne FLIR, remarked: “The innovative Lepton was the world’s first thermal micro camera module integrated into a wide array of devices from ruggedised smartphones to drones.”

He further added that the “Lepton 3.1R can now drive progress in cost-saving and potentially lifesaving autonomous products, including early fire detection in essential machinery, electrical gear, and data centres, as well as IoT products for smart factories, home automation, smart devices, and elder care solutions.”

The Lepton 3.1R offers enhanced compatibility, serving as an easy upgrade for current Lepton-based products.

It supports the same visual object and space perception interface (VoSPI), inter-integrated circuit (I2C), and retains the electrical and mechanical shape of earlier Lepton models, simplifying the development process.

Moreover, the Lepton continues its legacy as the most affordable focal plane array-based thermal sensor available.

Superior thermal radiometric capabilities

All Lepton modules offer unrivalled thermal sensitivity for a non-cooled micro thermal camera.

The Lepton range incorporates several advanced technologies, such as wafer-level detector packaging, wafer-scale micro-optics, a tailored integrated circuit, and an economical, integration-friendly camera package.

Additionally, the Lepton series can determine the temperature of every pixel within a scene, thanks to its built-in digital thermal image processing and radiometry capabilities.

Support and tools for integrators and developers

In a bid to reduce costs and fast-track product launches, developers have access to an online Lepton integration toolbox, complete with application guidelines and source code for testing across multiple platforms including Windows, Linux, Raspberry Pi, and BeagleBone.

The Teledyne FLIR Technical Services team stands ready to assist customers with licensing the MyFLIR application software and other image-enhancing tools, ensuring optimum performance while minimising technical risks.

IFSJ Comment

The Lepton 3.1R’s potential in early fire detection and monitoring critical machinery cannot be understated.

The integration into smart devices and home automation means better safety protocols for a range of environments, from industrial sites to domestic settings.

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