Avon Fire and Rescue Service adopts new Resource Management system

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In a recent announcement, Avon Fire and Rescue Service has embarked on a technology advancement programme powered by Infographics.

This initiative aims for heightened flexibility, resilience, and a broader visibility of resources.

The programme’s initial phase, commenced on September 12, 2023, involves a transition from the FRS’s existing on-premise system to the FireWatch Cloud.

Resource Management in the Cloud

Avon FRS has transitioned various functionalities into the cloud.

These include HR management, wholetime availability, rostering, retained payments, and training and development.

This newly integrated cloud-based system, supported by Microsoft Azure, enables flexible accessibility, simplified support, and a resilient Cloud solution.

Looking to the Future: Enhanced Resource Management

The programme’s subsequent phase outlines various implementations. Some of these are:

  • Introducing FireWatch for On-call Availability, which will replace the existing Rappel system.
  • Integrating the FireWatch Mobilisation Interface within the emergency Control Room, which will then seamlessly function with the SSS Vision mobilisation system.
  • Launching the FireWatch cross-platform Mobile App client.
  • Initiating the FireWatch standard e-learning integration module.

Upon its complete roll-out, this project is set to broaden user access via mobile devices, amplify real-time resource visibility, and seamlessly integrate live operational data with the Control Room.

Simon Shilton, Chief Fire Officer, Avon Fire and Rescue Service said: “I am delighted to share the news of our migration to Infographics’ FireWatch Cloud solution: part of the Service’s broader Transformation Programme.

“The FireWatch solution offers a unified cloud-based user experience, accessible through the Web, App, Microsoft365 and more.

“This move facilitates further enhancements in FireWatch, optimising our operational methods, incorporating On-Call colleagues into FireWatch, elevating our resource visibility, and refining the user interface.”

A word from Infographics

Russell Wood, Commercial Manager at Infographics, expressed his enthusiasm: “We are excited to collaborate with Avon Fire and Rescue Service and various clients in transitioning them to our FireWatch Cloud platform.

“Evaluating the FireWatch Cloud and its recent additions showcases our progress with cutting-edge App and Cloud technologies.

“Alongside harnessing contemporary technologies, the integrated data system can yield considerable cost savings, operational efficiencies, and risk reduction via precise single-source data.

“Features like remote upgrades and the enhanced scalability of FireWatch Cloud are pivotal for our UK clientele.

“Such solutions enable FRSs to securely interact with systems and execute crucial tasks from any desired location.”

IFSJ Comment

The adoption of the FireWatch Cloud solution by Avon Fire and Rescue Service underscores a growing trend in the sector: leveraging advanced technology to streamline operations.

By transitioning to a cloud-based resource management platform, Avon FRS not only demonstrates their commitment to harnessing technology for enhanced efficiency but also sets a benchmark for other services to follow.

Such systems not only provide real-time insights into resources but also foster an environment of agility and resilience, vital for the demands of modern fire and rescue operations.

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