Hochiki Europe unveils new state-of-the-art facility in Kent

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Hochiki Europe’s growth in Gillingham

On Thursday 14th September, Hochiki Europe paused operations at its new warehouse facility in Gillingham to welcome a special delegation.

The MP for Gillingham and Rainham, Rehman Chishti, and the Mayoress of Medway, Cllr Nina Gurung, were present to cut the ribbon and inaugurate the new extension of the Hochiki operation.

A commitment to innovation and excellence

Located in the heart of Kent, the facility, named Apex House, aims to bolster production at Hochiki’s other site in the region.

Spanning 24,000 square feet and furnished with advanced technology, the facility is set to enhance Hochiki’s European base for warehousing, distribution, sales, and administration.

Key figures, including Hochiki’s Chairman Akio Yamagata, were in attendance, alongside industry leaders and journalists.

The consensus was that this investment is a commendable move for both the region and the UK.

Expanding Hochiki Europe’s capabilities

Now celebrating 30 years of European operations, the inauguration of this facility signifies Hochiki’s ongoing dedication to the fire industry.

It comes equipped with modern storage and shipping units, escalating its capacity from 480 to 2,450 pallets.

The facility’s design also includes spaces aimed at nurturing innovation and fostering industry partnerships.

On the occasion, Mr Shinsuke Kubo, Managing Director, Hochiki Europe, shared: “The new facility will play a pivotal role in advancing life safety technologies not only here in the UK but across all of Hochiki Europe‚Äôs regions, contributing to the safeguarding of individuals and assets globally.”

Having provided pioneering fire detection and life safety systems for over 30 years, this new facility is set to further Hochiki Europe’s mission of enhancing global safety standards.

IFSJ Comment

The launch of Hochiki Europe’s state-of-the-art facility in Gillingham marks a pivotal moment in the life safety industry.

With a longstanding reputation for innovation, Hochiki Europe’s commitment to expanding its capabilities in the UK speaks volumes about the significance of the European market in the global safety landscape.

The introduction of Apex House not only underlines their dedication to producing top-tier life safety solutions but also their investment in fostering innovation through collaboration.

This step forward is sure to catalyse advancements in the sector, making environments safer and more secure for all.

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