BIOEX introduces eco-friendly alternative to traditional firefighting foam

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Global transition to fluorine-free firefighting foam

In response to environmental and safety concerns, there’s a global shift underway in the fire safety industry. This shift sees industries and fire departments transitioning from traditional Aqueous Film Forming Foam (AFFF), typically used for combating hydrocarbon fires, to fluorine-free foams. However, compatibility issues can arise during this transition, particularly in terms of foam viscosity and the impact on existing firefighting equipment. Often, fluorine-free foam tends to be more viscous than its predecessor, leading to complications in the proportioning and discharge of the foam.

ECOPOL 3N – a novel, green solution for hydrocarbon fires

Drawing on extensive experience in the development of efficient fluorine-free foam, BIOEX has launched ECOPOL 3N. This new firefighting foam is specifically engineered for tackling class B hydrocarbon fires, such as those involving crude oil, gasoline, and kerosene, and has a similar viscosity to traditional AFFF foams. It has been certified under the EN1568-3 standard v2018, proving its effectiveness.

How ECOPOL 3N works

When mixed with water and air, ECOPOL 3N forms a durable foam blanket that insulates the fuel source from air supply, effectively suppressing the fire. Its quick and efficient coverage on the surface of flammable liquids ensures rapid extinguishment. In addition, the adhesive nature of the foam allows it to adhere to vertical surfaces for an extended duration, preventing re-ignition due to its long-lasting foam blanket.

Application and environmental impact of ECOPOL 3N

ECOPOL 3N is highly versatile, working effectively with fresh water, brackish water, and saltwater, at all hardness levels. It’s formulated to be used at 3% concentration in both low and medium expansion applications and is also protected against frost. The liquid formulation means that it’s compatible with most existing foam equipment, negating the need for any equipment modifications during the transition to fluorine-free alternatives.

As an ecological solution, ECOPOL 3N contains no fluorinated derivatives or Persistent, Bioaccumulative and Toxic substances. It’s also easily biodegradable, causing no harm to the environment. Consequently, both industrial companies and fire departments are confident in using ECOPOL 3N for tank fires and structural fires, making it an ideal choice in the drive towards more environmentally conscious firefighting practices.

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