BNPB equips Riau government with firefighting equipment

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The Riau government receives firefighting equipment for forest and land fire management

The Lieutenant General of the National Disaster Mitigation Agency (BNPB), Suharyanto, provided the Riau Provincial Government with firefighting apparatus on Wednesday, aimed to counter forest and land fires, according to a report from Antara News.

“The Riau Forest and Land Fires Task Force should continue to carry out routine preparedness assemblies every week. Since President Jokowi (Joko Widodo) is concerned with this issue, there should be regular patrols (to prevent the establishment of hot spots),” Lieutenant General Suharyanto said.

The assortment of supplied equipment comprised 11 main pumps, 22 hose pumps, 44 portable pumps, 231 hose units, 88 nozzles, 88 Y-connectors, 220 sets of personal protective gear, alongside 11 water tanks, each holding 5,000 litres.

Emphasising regular reviews and patrols

In addition to the material assistance, the BNPB chief stressed the necessity for the task force to routinely assess weather forecasts, hot spots, and peat groundwater levels.

“The task force must list the needs and ensure the readiness of all personnel, as well as make sure of the availability of equipment and logistics for land and air operations,” added Suharyanto. He indicated that if required, the regional government can promptly seek aid from the central government.

Riau’s efforts in fire prevention and management

The Riau Governor, Syamsuar, disclosed that several Forest and Land Fires Task Force Posts had been set up at different administrative levels, notably in fire-prone areas.

β€œIn addition, we also use Riau Regional Police Lancang Kuning (forest and land fires prevention) dashboard, as this application is very helpful to detect hot spots,” he stated.

Syamsuar mentioned that his administration not only undertakes initial fire detection but also dispatches task force officers to examine hot spots on the ground. This allows for swift and accurate extinguishing of fires, preventing them from spreading.

They are also implementing a routine and integrated patrol while educating the community about the dangers of clearing land by burning it.

He confirmed that the government has allocated budgets and ensured that the infrastructure needed for disaster management is fully operational. Coordination and collaboration with various stakeholders, including military, police, business actors, community and traditional leaders, academics, media, and volunteers, have also been improved.

The Riau government is monitoring weather modification technology (TMC) over fire-prone areas to prevent forest and land fires.


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