British Safety Council conference spotlights organisational resilience


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British Safety Council to host its 13th annual event

The British Safety Council is gearing up for its 13th Annual Conference on 17 October 2023.

The theme this year is centred around “ensuring your organisation is resilient and future-proofed”.

This full-day event is free for all participants.

Diverse line-up of experts to share insights

A range of experts from various sectors and fields will grace the conference.

This includes distinguished individuals from academia and business.

Moreover, professionals specialising in health, safety, sustainability, and wellbeing are part of the ensemble.

Deborah Astles, the HR Director of Unipart, is scheduled to deliver a keynote address on organisational resilience.

There will be several sessions, touching on subjects like technology in the workplace, sustainability, and training.

Other notable topics include modern slavery and strategies to tackle air pollution, termed as a ‘wicked problem’.

The entire list of speakers and sessions is available here.

CEO Mike Robinson shares his excitement

Mike Robinson, the Chief Executive of the British Safety Council, remarked: “We are excited to be holding our Annual Conference online for the first time: looking to the future to address organisational resilience.”

He further commented on the need for organisations to stay “ahead of the curve” amidst challenges like climate change and evolving technology.

Robinson anticipates a day full of valuable insights from “some of the best brains in the business”.

Participants can expect to gain insights on current and forthcoming health, safety, and wellbeing risks.

Furthermore, attendees will garner actionable strategies to bolster organisational resilience.

The emphasis will also be on managing health and safety risks, especially with the increasing global challenges.

For those interested in attending the British Safety Council’s Annual Conference, they can register for a free ticket here.

IFSJ Comment

The British Safety Council’s focus on organisational resilience is a timely subject, particularly given the ever-evolving challenges companies face.

From technology disruptions to environmental challenges, it’s crucial for businesses to remain adaptable and proactive.

This conference, by tapping into the expertise of thought leaders from various domains, provides an invaluable platform for professionals to learn, discuss, and implement resilience strategies.

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