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NIFRS collaborates with agencies to intensify fire prevention efforts

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NIFRS reveals alarming stats prompting action

In a recent disclosure, the NIFRS stated that out of the 10 individuals who tragically perished in accidental house fires in 2022, 7 were known to other agencies.

This alarming figure has spurred an intensified effort. NIFRS is proactively reaching out to partners in the community, voluntary, and statutory sectors.

The aim is to provide them with extra support to ensure home safety from potential fires.

North South Fire Safety Week 2023

This joint action is initiated as a part of the North South Fire Safety Week 2023 which kicked off on 9 October 2023.

Aligned with the National Directorate for Fire and Emergency Management in the Republic of Ireland, the week’s mission is to advocate for home fire safety and prevention.

Aidan Jennings, Assistant Chief Fire & Rescue Officer, expressed: “Our partner agencies and professionals serve as our community’s “eyes and ears”.

“They diligently contribute to NIFRS’ efforts in shielding the vulnerable from fire hazards.

“During this Fire Safety Week, our emphasis is on reinforcing our ties with all associate organisations.

“We aim to determine the supplementary assistance we can extend to heighten fire awareness.

“We also invite entities working with the vulnerable to ponder joining our partnership.

“There’s undeniable merit in recognising and managing risky behaviours around areas like smoking, cooking, and electrical safety.

“We strive to furnish the utmost assistance to our allies and community, offering counsel to ensure safety.

“Those with apprehensions about fire escape routes, functional smoke alarms, or other household risks should immediately reach out to us.

“We lean on the community to propose candidates for a complimentary Home Fire Safety Check via our website.

“I vehemently advise those eligible to make use of this facility this season.

“Fire prevention remains our core focus at NIFRS.

“Our partners and community’s backing is indispensable in our ongoing campaign to curb fires, especially during this Fire Safety Week.”

In addition, Keith Leonard, National Director for Fire and Emergency Management, Ireland, remarked: “Civic engagement remains a priority in our public services at all tiers.

“Fire Authorities maintain collaboration with numerous community organisations.

“Our objective is to fortify these collaborations and beckon other factions to join hands with us.

“This will further our goal of supporting the vulnerable in society.

“Although Fire Authorities have a history of citizen engagement, there’s always an avenue to innovate and elevate existing methods, ensuring the safety of our communities.”

IFSJ Comment

The statistics underline a critical concern.

With most fire victims being known to other agencies, it highlights the potential for more integrated and concerted efforts across agencies and communities.

The proactiveness displayed by NIFRS is commendable.

It exemplifies the need for continuous engagement, outreach, and adaptive strategies to ensure community safety.

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