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Building Safety Regulator outlines objectives for 2024, emphasising enhanced safety and standards

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Building Safety Regulator’s progress and future goals

The Building Safety Regulator (BSR) has outlined its plans for the year ahead, focusing on enhancing safety, standards, and performance throughout the construction sector.

Following a notable year of progress in which the BSR established vital groundwork, the regulator aims to guide stakeholders through the new building safety regime, emphasising legal compliance and a shift in industry culture.

Enhancing stakeholder understanding and compliance

A spokesperson for the BSR stated: “Last year marked a significant phase in our development as we laid the foundation for a trusted building safety regime.

“Our focus now shifts to supporting stakeholders in understanding and complying with the new regulations.”

The BSR emphasises the importance of a cultural shift within the industry, ensuring a comprehensive understanding of the new safety regime’s implications.

Upcoming changes for the building control profession

April will be a critical month for building control professionals, as registration requirements for inspectors and approvers become mandatory.

The BSR aims to elevate operational standards, applying consistent requirements across public and private sectors.

“Increasing the competence of the building control profession is essential for improving regulation and restoring trust in the built environment,” the BSR representative added.

Focus on higher-risk buildings

Since October of the previous year, the BSR has taken on the role of Building Control Authority for all higher-risk buildings (HRBs) in England, ensuring they are constructed safely and to high standards.

The BSR is committed to overseeing a stringent regulatory regime for existing HRBs, aiming to create lasting change for the safety and assurance of residents.

The introduction of mandatory registration for residential HRBs and the requirement for principal accountable persons (PAPs) to submit safety case reports and Residents’ Engagement Strategies are key elements of this initiative.

Collaboration and industry transformation

The BSR plans to continue collaborating with various stakeholders, sharing knowledge and expertise to uphold a rigorous building safety regulatory regime.

“Our steadfast commitment to overseeing and promoting competence in the industry will contribute to transforming the built environment and the culture of those involved in its development,” the spokesperson concluded.

IFSJ Comment

The Building Safety Regulator’s plans for 2024 reflect an ongoing commitment to enhancing safety and standards in the built environment.

The focus on educating stakeholders about the new building safety regime is critical for ensuring industry-wide compliance and fostering a culture shift towards prioritising safety.

The mandatory registration for building control professionals and the oversight of higher-risk buildings represent proactive steps towards creating a safer, more reliable built environment.

These initiatives are essential in rebuilding trust among residents and stakeholders alike, contributing to a more secure and well-regulated construction sector.

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