Preview: IFSJ Leaders in Fire & Safety to return on 9 May 2024

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The one-day event for industry leaders returns to the Grosvenor House Hotel, Dubai Marina, on 09 May 2024

International Fire & Safety Journal is thrilled to announce the return of the IFSJ Leaders in Fire & Safety 2024.

Scheduled for May 9, 2024, at the prestigious Grosvenor House Hotel Dubai Marina, this year’s conference promises to build on the success of its inaugural year, further surpassing expectations and setting a new benchmark in the industry’s discourse.

As the world grapples with evolving challenges in fire safety and emergency response, the importance of innovation, strategic planning, and expert collaboration has never been more pronounced.

The IFSJ Leaders in Fire & Safety event serves as a critical hub for these discussions, bringing together the brightest minds and influential figures in the field.

This gathering is more than a conference; it is an unparalleled meeting of minds, experiences, and strategies aimed at shaping the future of fire safety and emergency management.

As we gather at the crossroads of tradition and innovation, the IFSJ Leaders in Fire & Safety 2024 is a pivotal platform for knowledge, collaboration, and progress.

Join us in Dubai for an enlightening and transformative experience that will redefine the paradigms of fire and safety management.

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The format

This year’s conference is scheduled for May 9, 2024, and will be hosted at the Grosvenor House Hotel, Dubai Marina – a venue known known for its sophistication and luxury, perfectly complementing the distinguished nature of our event.

The event will unfold in the hotel’s premier conference facility, arranged in a classic theatre style.

Centre stage there will be a prominent speaker podium which will be the focal point of the event.

This will be complemented by high-quality, large LCD screens serving as a backdrop, ensuring that speakers and sponsors receive optimal visibility.

Throughout the day, this main stage will also serve as the platform for various panel discussions, allowing for a dynamic and interactive exchange of ideas among industry leaders.

Attendees will have access to an exclusive ‘inner sanctum’ networking environment positioned just outside the conference hall.

This area is designed to foster meaningful connections among delegates, facilitating valuable conversations and potential collaborations.

Here, our attendees will have the unique opportunity to engage directly with a select group of commercial partners, carefully chosen to ensure a diverse yet focused representation of industry-leading solutions and services.

This approach prioritises quality interactions offering a relaxed and non-competitive setting for in-depth discussions with some of the region’s most influential decision-makers and buyers in fire and safety.

The content

For the inaugural IFSJ Leaders in Fire & Safety event in 2023, industry leaders converged to engage in vital discussions on a range of pivotal topics.

The agenda featured a keynote address by the Dubai Civil Defense, highlighting their AI-enabled Readiness Programme for pre-emptive fire management.

A significant moment saw the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding between the Dubai Civil Defense and The Institution of Fire Engineers, symbolising a collaborative commitment to fire safety.

The conference also delved into the impact of sustainability on fire safety in buildings, the transformative role of data in fireground operations, and the rapid evolution of technology in fire safety.

Panels discussed the challenges of lithium-ion batteries, the use of PFAS in firefighting foams, and the critical need for protecting transportation infrastructure.

Additionally, presentations covered managing carcinogens in firefighting and the importance of strategic leadership and crisis management in the industry.

The 2024 edition is once again meticulously designed to address the most pressing issues facing the industry today.

This year’s conference will explore the complexities and challenges posed by emerging technologies such as alternative fuels and advanced vehicle systems, assessing their associated risks and the adaptations needed in fire safety measures.

A significant focus will be on fire and emergency response, highlighting potential methods to revolutionise operational strategies.

Moreover, the agenda will include in-depth discussions on enhancing safety measures, notably in personal protective equipment management and the decontamination processes vital for firefighter safety.

The presentations and discussions will also reflect on lessons learned from significant fire incidents, providing a global perspective on fire safety practices and policies.

Additionally, a landmark panel debate on ‘Women in Engineering’ will underscore the importance of diversity and inclusion in fostering innovation and excellence within the engineering and safety sectors.

A word from the Conference Chair

Terry Johnson, Director of Emergency Services, Jasara NEOM The Line, will return as Conference Chair.

 Commenting on the 2024 edition Johnson said: “The inaugural IFSJ Leaders in Fire & Safety Conference was a testament to the determination of the IFSJ team, the valuable collaboration with the Institution of Fire Engineers, and the unwavering support of Dubai Civil Defense.

“Their combined efforts made the event an unprecedented success, fostering meaningful dialogues that I believe will have lasting impacts on the fire and safety sector.

“As I eagerly anticipate returning as Chair for the next conference, I am committed to building on our achievements, driving further advancements, and continuing to create a platform for sharing knowledge and innovations.”

The advisory panel

The IFSJ Leaders in Fire & Safety Conference is indebted to its esteemed advisory panel, a group of seasoned professionals whose expertise shapes the direction and content of the conference.

This year’s panel includes returning event Chair Terry Johnson.

We also panel also welcome back: Engineer Salma Al Ali, Head of Engineering Section, Dubai Civil Defense; Mark Buckingham, Head of Emergency Preparedness at Abu Dhabi Airports;  David Campbell, General Manager at Dubai Civil Defense’s Emirates Safety Laboratory; Sinclair Duffie, Chief Fire Officer at Nawah Energy Company; and Robert Davies, Operations Director at WSP in the Middle East

New to this year’s panel are distinguished professionals bringing fresh perspectives and diverse expertise to the IFSJ Leaders in Fire & Safety Conference.

Sawsan Dahham, CEO of SIENA, steps into the panel with a formidable 17-year track record in engineering consultancy and fire and life safety design strategy.

On joining the panel, Dahham said: “I am always excited to see people working very hard to spread Fire safety awareness, and that is exactly what the IFSJ team has been doing.

“Working closely with them made me realise why last year Leaders in Fire & Safety conference was a successful and efficient event.

“I am looking forward for the 2024 edition with its instructive and diverse fire topics that covers significant safety concerns and tackles the interest of all leaders in this sector.”

Dana Kamal, recently appointed as the NFPA Director of International Development (MENA), brings a wealth of experience in healthcare engineering and business development to the panel.

She is joined by Ghaith Bakir, a Senior Regulatory Engineer at UL Solutions.

His expertise in regulations, codes, standards, and product installations across the Middle East and Africa will provide crucial insights into regional compliance challenges.

Finally, Peter Stephenson, Director of the Hydrock Fire Safety Division, brings over 40 years of experience overseeing international fire safety projects.

“It’s an honour and a privilege to be a member of the IFSJ Advisory Panel and have the opportunity to provide input into current industry topics for inclusion in the conference programme,” said Stephenson.

“It is very important that the fire sector comes together at conferences to share knowledge, experiences and lessons learnt to improve safety within the built environment and for first responders to fire & emergency incidents.”

This article was originally published in the January 2024 issue of International Fire & Safety Journal. To read your FREE digital copy, click here.

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