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california wildland wildfire

Wildland Fire Mitigation and Management Commission presents new report

Summary of the key findings A recent report has been released by the Wildland Fire Mitigation and Management Commission, shedding ...
fire from space aerial sattelite wildfire

Canada’s WildFireSat: A step forward in wildfire management

A novel approach to wildfire monitoring Canada is launching an initiative, WildFireSat, to bolster its capabilities in monitoring active wildfires ...

California Fire Foundation allocates funding for wildfire safety grants

The California Fire Foundation (CFF) has recently awarded wildfire safety grants to 49 local fire departments, fire agencies, and community ...
Rosenbauer Wildland Fire Equipment

Rosenbauer unveils advanced wildfire equipment for fire departments

Rosenbauer, a leading name in firefighting equipment, has announced the launch of new products aimed at enhancing wildfire operations. This ...
Gabe Reza

The first line of defence against wildfire

Gabriel Reza discusses the crucial role of community and infrastructure in the face of growing wildfire threats With wildfires intensifying ...
Steve Hamm

A new era in wildfire response

IFE CEO Steve Hamm highlights the global imperative to combat increasing wildfires across the globe Increasing wildfires are posing a ...
Controlled Burn

Cultural Burning in Australia: An Ancient Practice for Modern Challenges

Amidst the towering eucalyptus trees and aromatic foliage, a carefully controlled fire dances in the Australian bush. While these fires ...
wildland fire

From spark to inferno: Wildland fire mitigation strategies

As wildfire takes over the globe, WFCA Senior Policy Advisor Bob Roper navigates the complex terrain of wildland fire policy ...
tree on fire in Maui

Maui fires investigation: Fire Safety Research Institute appointed by Attorney General Lopez

In a recent announcement, Hawaiʻi Attorney General Anne E. Lopez disclosed her choice for a comprehensive probe into the Maui ...
Greece wildfires firefighters

Greece inferno sets a concerning record for EU wildfires

Greece has faced a forest blaze that is the most extensive wildfire ever documented in the EU, according to a ...
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