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Pombal city council invests in fire prevention through fuel management

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Pombal invests half a million euros in fire prevention clean-up

Pombal has committed approximately €500,000 to enhance the cleaning of fuel management lanes, aiming to prevent forest fires.

The initiative, managed by the Pombal City Council, focuses on clearing vegetation and managing land around critical areas to slow down potential fires, creating safer natural environments.

Councillor Catarina Silva highlighted the strategic importance of this investment, emphasizing its role in controlling fire speeds and potentially reducing fire damage during critical periods.

Details of the clean-up operation

Catarina Silva, explaining the logistics behind the clean-up effort, stated: “We delegate this competence through inter-administrative contracts and the transition of the respective budget for cleaning and cutting.”

The plan aims for completion by the end of the first semester, although challenges such as dependencies on subcontractors and their availability might affect the timeline.

Silva further noted that approximately 160 kilometres of roadways would be maintained using the designated funds, ensuring significant coverage across crucial areas.

The impact of fuel management on fire control

The clean-up operation is designed not only for immediate fire prevention but also to maintain the land in a way that benefits the community throughout the year.

Silva explained the dual functionality of these efforts: “In summer, during forest fires, it allows a slower fire rate and in winter the trees fall.”

This strategic management of vegetation and land significantly contributed to the safety measures during the last major fires in July 2022, where substantial damage was reported in Abiul parish.

IFSJ Comment

The strategic investment by Pombal City Council in clearing and managing fuel lanes reflects a proactive approach to fire safety and environmental management.

By focusing on both the immediate and long-term benefits of such initiatives, the council is setting a standard for municipal responsibility and ecological stewardship.

This effort helps in mitigating the impact of potential fires and enhances the overall resilience of the community against natural disasters.

Such measures are essential for maintaining safety and environmental integrity, particularly in regions prone to wildfires.

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