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Certified safe lighting solutions

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Exploring Streamlight Inc.’s dedication to safety, innovation and feedback-driven advancements in firefighting lighting solutions

Streamlight’s commitment to advancing firefighter safety is reflected through their adherence to ATEX certification and continual innovation.

ATEX, which stands for ATmosphère EXplosibles, represents a set of European Union directives that define environments with potential atmospheric explosion hazards.

This certification is essential for equipment intended for use in such explosive atmospheres within the European Union, ensuring that these products meet specific safety requirements.

Streamlight’s approach to meeting these rigorous standards involves meticulous design and testing.

Their products undergo thorough evaluation to ensure they are safe and effective in explosive environments.

The ATEX certification process includes comprehensive testing as outlined by European Union directives, confirming the safety of these products in designated explosive zones.

This dedication to safety is paired with Streamlight’s innovative approach to product development.

The company actively seeks feedback from firefighters, incorporating their real-world experiences into the design and functionality of their lighting tools.

This feedback-driven process ensures that their products are not only technologically sophisticated but also practical and resilient, catering effectively to the everyday challenges faced by firefighters.

As Streamlight continues to pioneer in the firefighting lighting industry, their focus remains on creating durable, reliable products that align with the needs of the firefighting community.

This ongoing commitment underpins their reputation for producing ‘Tools Not Toys®’, embodying a balance of innovation, safety, and practicality in their quest to support and protect firefighters globally.

ATEX and IECEx certification standards

From initial conception, Streamlight products destined for use in hazardous locations are designed with the ATEX and IECEx requirements in mind.

“Our engineering team has been trained by Underwriters Laboratories (UL) on the intrinsically safe (“I.S.”) protection methodology commonly used in Streamlight HAZ-LO® and ATEX products,” says Donato Sasso, Director of International Business Development at Streamlight.

Years of experience in I.S. product design led to carefully planned safety features inherent to each HAZ-LO® product.

Streamlight works closely with internationally recognised partner labs to validate all new HAZ-LO® and ATEX product designs.

Its products are tested mechanically to ensure that they will withstand years of service in the field with no degradation to the integrity of the enclosure.

“This includes thermal endurance to heat and cold, impact, drop, ingress protection (“IP”), and UV exposure testing,” says Sasso.

“Electrically, circuits are evaluated to ensure that, even under extreme fault conditions, no component of the circuit could spark or get hot enough to ignite a potentially hazardous environment.” Streamlight does not stop after ATEX/IECEx approval of the product design, however.

“Our products are 100% inspected during production to ensure proper function as well as to validate critical safety features such as proper sealing of O-rings and gaskets,” Sasso tells.

“Engineering and Quality Control work closely with the Streamlight production team to ensure that each product going out is made with the same high-quality components that our customers have come to expect for years of dependable service.”

Firefighter feedback

“It’s crucial to gather feedback from active firefighters regarding the strengths, weaknesses, and potential improvements of equipment during use,” says Sasso.

This input has enabled Streamlight to enhance the strength, resilience, and repairability of its products as needed: “We are always improving our products to meet the needs of our customers.”

Feedback and real-world experiences from firefighters play a crucial role in influencing Streamlight’s product innovations: “We conduct testing programs and send new product samples to firefighters so that our lights can be tested in real-world firefighter activities,” Sasso explains.

This feedback-driven approach ensures that Streamlight’s products are not only technologically advanced but also effective for the day-by-day challenges faced by firefighters in the field.

Upgrading your lighting equipment

When a fire department is choosing to upgrade its lighting equipment, Sasso says that first and foremost, product durability should be a priority, along with key product performances such as beam pattern, run time and rechargeability.

After-sales service for repairs is also crucial to maintaining the light’s capabilities and extending its working life.

“Firefighting departments looking to upgrade their lighting equipment should seek collaboration with a manufacturer that offers energy[1]efficient and durable products and are committed to sustainable practices,” he says.

“Training programs should be included in this relationship, ensuring that firefighters are well-prepared to use the advanced lighting tools tailored to their needs.”

Streamlight has built up a reputation based on trust and reliability over their 50 years, creating ‘Tools Not Toys®’ for firefighters, built to help save lives.

Innovating firefighter safety

Looking ahead, Sasso says that Streamlight will continue its legacy of innovation by staying at the forefront of technology: “We are always researching new materials, technologies, and sustainable practices to maintain our commitment to the planet and the firefighting community all over the world.

“We maintain a continuous feedback loop, actively interacting with firefighters to gather input, keeping open lines of communication and listening attentively to our customers.

Streamlight stands behind our product and our warranty, and investing in technology and striving to produce the most durable, reliable products in the marketplace.” “Over our half-century in operations, Streamlight has been a stalwart of innovation in the lighting industry.

In 1980 the LiteBox®, the first halogen rechargeable lantern, was introduced.

Evolution over the years has seen this original industry standard progress to a lighter weight model with the Vulcan® and Fire Vulcan® with blue taillights, to the now, lightweight, multi-functional Vulcan Clutch® with a clamping handle in 2023 – a first in emergency lighting.

“Another recent milestone has come in the form of the Survivor® X in 2022, showcasing our enduring commitment to innovative and practical lighting solutions.

“The timeline showcases just some of the key firefighting products that have led to Streamlight being pioneers in the industry.”

This article was originally published in the February 2024 issue of International Fire & Safety Journal. To read your FREE digital copy, click here.

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