IFE invites members and stakeholders to contribute to future strategic planning


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The Institution of Fire Engineers (IFE) is calling on its members and external stakeholders to participate in shaping the organisation’s strategic direction for the 2025 – 2029 period.

This initiative offers a unique opportunity for professionals and interested parties to influence the future of fire engineering by sharing insights and experiences.

IFE: Engagement through virtual strategy development sessions

To facilitate this collaborative effort, IFE will conduct virtual Strategy Development Sessions in two phases.

These sessions aim to gather diverse perspectives to inform the strategic priorities for the forthcoming period.

The strategy will reflect a shared ambition to advance the science, practice, and professionalism of fire engineering globally.

Phase 1: Identifying strategic issues and opportunities

Scheduled for March 2024, the first phase of these sessions will focus on a strategic analysis of the global fire safety landscape.

Participants are encouraged to discuss the key strategic issues and identify opportunities for improvement.

This phase is open to both IFE members and external stakeholders, with the deadline for registration set for 16th February 2024.

Available dates for participation include:

  • Wednesday 6th March, 0700 GMT
  • Thursday 7th March, 1600 GMT
  • Friday 8th March, 0900 GMT
  • Friday 8th March, 1400 GMT

Phase 2: Defining priorities and measures of success

April 2024 will see the second phase, reserved for IFE members, focusing on refining the outcomes of the initial sessions into coherent strategic themes.

This phase will delve into potential priorities for the IFE, strategies to achieve these objectives, and criteria for measuring success.

Registrations for this phase will close on 15th March 2024, with session dates as follows:

  • Wednesday 3rd April, 0700 BST
  • Thursday 4th April, 1600 BST
  • Friday 5th April, 0900 BST
  • Friday 5th April, 1400 BST

Registration process and session details

Interested individuals can register their interest through this dedicated online form.

Due to the interactive nature of these sessions, attendance will be limited to approximately 30 delegates per session to ensure meaningful engagement.

Selection for participation will be based on registration responses and aimed at achieving a diverse and globally representative group of attendees.

IFSJ Comment

The Institution of Fire Engineers‘ initiative to involve its members and external stakeholders in strategic planning signifies a forward-thinking approach to global fire safety and engineering.

By opening the floor for widespread contribution, the IFE ensures that its future strategy will be comprehensive, reflecting the needs and insights of a broad spectrum of individuals committed to the advancement of fire engineering.

This collaborative process underlines the IFE’s dedication to inclusivity and innovation, setting a precedent for other organisations in the field.

As the IFE embarks on this strategic journey, the collective input from these sessions will undoubtedly contribute to shaping a resilient and dynamic future for the fire engineering profession.

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