Chief John Butler takes the helm as IAFC president for 2023-24

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Chief Butler commits to inclusive leadership for the fire and rescue community

In a significant ceremony at the Fire-Rescue International (FRI) 2023, the International Association of Fire Chiefs (IAFC) announced its officers for the 2023-24 tenure.

IAFC’s vision for the future

Chief Mary Beth Michos, a renowned figure in the fire and rescue sector, presided over the event.

Chief John Butler of Fairfax County (VA) Fire and Rescue was officially sworn in as the IAFC President.

The oath was also administered to 1st Vice President Chief Josh Waldo from Bozeman (MT) Fire Department, 2nd Vice President Trisha Wolford from Anne Arundel County (MD) Fire Department, and Treasurer Chief Steven Locke from South Burlington (VT) Fire Department.

Addressing the audience, Chief Butler emphasised: “We must not lose sight of the need to be vigilant about building and sustaining healthy organisational cultures, strengthened by behavioural best practices, in which EVERYONE can thrive.”

He went on to describe the association’s relationship with its members: “The Association frames its relationship with the membership and related organisations based on four (4) goals – Lead, Educate, Serve, and Include.”

On a further note, he mentioned, “We all have the power to build inclusive teams, inclusive organisations.”

Chief Mary Beth Michos, while addressing the newly installed officers, commented: “A significant duty has been bestowed upon you.

“This duty also requires you to accept a great responsibility.

“It is my honour to install you as the officers for the upcoming term which formally takes effect at the conclusion of this conference.”

IAFC celebrating 150 years of dedication

This year is particularly momentous for the IAFC as Chief Butler will serve as Chair of the IAFC Board of Directors during its 150th year of dedication to the international fire and EMS community.

IFSJ Comment

The installation of Chief John Butler as IAFC’s President is a landmark moment for the global fire and emergency response community.

Chief Butler’s commitment to inclusive leadership and fostering healthy organisational cultures signals a positive direction for the IAFC and its members.

His emphasis on the core goals – Lead, Educate, Serve, and Include – aligns perfectly with the challenges and requirements of the modern firefighting landscape.

As the IAFC commemorates its 150th anniversary, having a leader with such vision at its helm augments its mission to support and uplift the fire and EMS community.

About the International Association of Fire Chiefs (IAFC)

The IAFC represents the leadership of firefighters and emergency responders worldwide.

Its members are the world’s leading experts in areas such as firefighting, emergency medical services, terrorism response, hazardous materials, and public safety legislation.

Established in 1873, the IAFC has consistently provided a platform for its members to share ideas, undergo professional development, and discover the newest best practices available for first responders.

As they mark their 150th anniversary in 2023, the IAFC continues to stand proud as a beacon for global firefighting and emergency response leadership.

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