Chubb finalises integration of Vipond to boost fire suppression capabilities

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Fire Safety Enhancement

Leading UK-based fire safety and security solutions provider, Chubb, has announced the successful culmination of the integration process with Vipond Fire Protection Ltd. The merger is aimed at further improving Chubb’s services, particularly in fire protection, detection, and suppression.

Chubb Fire and Security, now combined with Vipond, seeks to deliver more comprehensive life safety and fire protection services across the UK, thus solidifying its pledge to customers.

A new chapter

Chubb’s Managing Director, David Dunnagan, described the union as a “strategic move” in tune with their mission to offer top-notch fire and security solutions. He expressed delight at the “successful integration of Vipond Fire Protection to Chubb”, mentioning that this development “elevates our fire suppression capabilities” while reinforcing Chubb’s position in the industry.

On the other hand, Alastair Wilson, Vipond’s Managing Director, also voiced his enthusiasm, labelling this development as an “exciting new chapter for Vipond Fire Protection.” Wilson believes this alliance will result in more robust customer protection throughout Great Britain.

Strengthened network and services

The merger builds on Chubb’s extensive branch network, incorporating Vipond’s locations in Burntwood, near Birmingham, and East Kilbride, Scotland. The union also brings in Vipond’s manufacturing facility for time-sensitive pipework and a specialised training and design facility.

This allows the new partnership to provide an enhanced range of services, from industry-leading design to the installation and maintenance of fire protection, detection, and suppression systems.

Separate but strong

Despite being part of the same APi Group since 2022, Chubb and Vipond had not previously consolidated their operations in the UK. Moving forward, they will retain their distinct brand identities while capitalising on their combined strength to maintain a robust presence in the market.

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