Clarion Events promotes Erin Moriarty to Vice President of Sales

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Clarion Events Fire & Rescue Group promotes Erin Moriarty to Vice President of Sales

Clarion Events Fire & Rescue Group has promoted Erin Moriarty to the position of Vice President of Sales, effective from the 1st of May, 2024.

The promotion reflects Moriarty’s significant leadership, dedication, and strategic insights, which have been instrumental in her rise within the company.

Moriarty’s career at Clarion Events Fire & Rescue Group has been marked by her crucial role in fostering a culture of consultative selling and developing strong client relationships.

Her efforts have not only gained her respect from peers and clients but have also significantly contributed to the group’s success.

New responsibilities

In her new capacity, Moriarty will oversee the FDIC Exhibits and Sponsorships, aligning event management with digital and printed media strategies to enhance client engagement and marketing outcomes.

Her proven leadership skills and deep organizational knowledge are expected to drive the integration of media brands with the prestigious FDIC event, further enhancing value for clients and stakeholders.

Eric Schlett, Executive Vice President of Clarion Fire & Rescue Group, praised Moriarty’s appointment, stating: “Erin has consistently demonstrated exceptional leadership, dedication, and a strategic mindset throughout her tenure with our company.

Her promotion is a testament to her outstanding contributions and the invaluable role she plays in driving growth and innovation.

Her vision and leadership will be instrumental in elevating the value proposition for clients and stakeholders, as Clarion Events Fire & Rescue Group continues to set new standards of excellence in the industry.”

IFSJ Comment

The promotion of Erin Moriarty to Vice President of Sales marks a strategic move by Clarion Events Fire & Rescue Group.

Moriarty’s promotion is expected to bolster the company’s market position by enhancing operational capabilities and client services, thereby reinforcing its commitment to excellence and innovation in the fire and rescue sector.

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