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Manchester enterprises launch innovative fire safety training academy

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Introduction to the FDM training facility

Fast Signs Manchester has teamed up with Bury-based UAP, the UK’s leading supplier of fire-resistant door hardware, to introduce a unique fire safety training academy.

This partnership marks a significant step in enhancing fire safety education within the industry.

The newly established FDM training facility is aimed at training fire door maintenance operatives, reflecting the organisations’ commitment to improving standards and ensuring safety across the board.

The FDM academy, described as an ‘Academy of Excellence’, intends to educate, train, and upskill fire door inspectors, installers, and maintainers.

This initiative is in response to the heightened awareness of fire safety, especially following the tragic Grenfell Tower incident in June 2017.

The importance of rigorous training and education in fire door safety has been underscored by this and similar incidents, prompting a more thorough approach to fire safety in residential buildings.

Enhancing fire safety and regulations

In light of recent updates to fire safety regulations in January 2023, Fast Signs conducted research into the preparedness of local fire stations regarding high-rise buildings.

Findings from the Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue Service indicated that only a small fraction of the required building and external wall plans had been received, highlighting a significant gap in compliance and safety measures.

The FDM facility spans 3,000 square feet and features a bespoke design ideal for practical training.

It includes over twenty different types of fire doors from various suppliers, providing comprehensive hands-on experience for trainees.

This facility aims to address the immediate educational and also set a benchmark for fire safety training across the UK.

Comments from industry leaders

Regarding the ongoing efforts and the impact of the new training facility, Richard Wedgwood, managing director of Fast Signs Manchester, said: “I think I speak for everyone at Fast Signs Manchester when I say we feel privileged to have been involved in such a remarkable and historic project – playing a role in helping to bring to life such an important facility that, we hope, will bring about much change in the wider industry.”

Nicola John, managing director at FDM, added: “We are very proud of our GQA-approved training facility.

“As a training provider, we offer training to anyone who specifies, works on, or is responsible for this life-saving product – a fire door.”

IFSJ Comment

The establishment of the FDM training facility by Fast Signs Manchester and UAP is a proactive approach to addressing the vital needs of fire safety education and compliance.

By focusing on the practical and theoretical aspects of fire door safety, this initiative enhances the skill set of those directly involved in the industry and contributes to the broader goal of ensuring safety in residential and commercial buildings.

The launch of such a facility is timely and essential, reflecting an ongoing commitment to advancing fire safety standards and awareness.

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